What I Ordered Vs What I Got- Steve

Steve met Tolu on Facebook, and they moved to Instagram and finally to WhatsApp. After talking for over a year without seeing each other due to long distance, they decided to meet. Steve who stays in the UK decided to fly Bimbo so she could be with him for two weeks. Unfortunately, her pictures are nothing like her. It wasn’t another person’s picture so she wasn’t catfishing per se. She was just…different.


Steve’s Story

I met Tolu sometime in 2018. I think it was in May. I saw her profile picture and she looked so beautiful. Like she’s beautiful but the pictures were unbelievable. I went to her DM and we started to vibe. She has a great personality, I can’t take that away from her. Her character is a 10 but I feel like I fell in love with the pictures and not her.


From Facebook To Instagram

After chatting on Facebook for some days I wanted to see more of her pictures and she was equally not always active so I asked for her Instagram handle. She gave me because we were already talking very well and all. When I checked her page, my God. She was beyond beautiful. I started to wonder why a girl like that will even look at me or was it because I was living in the UK? She had the shape of a coke bottle. You know the figure eight musicians sing about? That was how she looked. Like a goddess.


As expected, boys were flocking around her comment section and dropping nasty comments and compliments. I saw them as nasty because I was jealous. I was already thinking she was my girl because I wasn’t going to let her go for any reason. We talked on Instagram a lot because I didn’t have her number. I wanted to take things slow. Be her friend first because I guess that’s what girls like.


She Asked For My Number

On one normal day, I messaged her on Instagram and I saw that she had asked me to send my number days before. She replied to that message with a question mark meaning, where’s the number. I apologized to her because I honestly did not know that she had asked for it. In fact, there was joy in my heart because she had done something I was struggling to do and asking for my number meant she was interested in me right?


I gave her my number and she sent a message on WhatsApp. She called me big head. I was smiling like a goat. You know there’s this thing people say that when she calls you big head or fish it means she likes you. It was so exciting. We talked that day and I called her on WhatsApp voice call. We became really close like really really. I told my friends about her and they asked for her pictures. After seeing it, some said that it could be edited or even catfish while the others were happy for me even though we were not dating yet. I just felt amongst friends, there will always be hater, I didn’t know they were just the ones living in reality and I was left in a world filled with fantasies.


Video Call Wahala

When we became really close, I felt I could video call anytime I wanted to besides I had

never seen her except in her pictures. Another thing that fueled the video call idea was my friends. They saw j was falling in love and they wanted me to confirm. Well, my video call caused our first fight.


She said I was supposed to tell her that I was going to video call. I honestly didn’t understand because sometimes I might just miss her and want to see her face, do I have to give two weeks’ notice? I apologized anyway and she said she picked up my call after 2hours. After 2 hours I called, it was around 8:15 pm. I remember vividly cause I kept an alarm. I was eager to see the love of my life. When I called I saw she was wearing make-up at that time of the night. She said she was just coming back from work and all. It was ok, she looked beautiful and she looked like her Instagram pictures so I was sure it wasn’t catfish. That’s all I wanted to hear. My Amaka was real.


I Asked Her Out

After being friends for 10 months I decided to ask her out before any other person did. I wanted to secure my bag before Nother person carried it because she is a big spec on Instagram. If I call her Instagram name, you all will be shocked but let me leave it here.


She said yes and it was the best night of my life. Like I got a promotion at work or something. I took my friends out to eat cause I was so happy. Extremely. This was in 2019 March. We started making plans to see and everything. Mind you, I had never still seen her without make-up but I didn’t care. We had several video calls after the first one but it was with makeup and I had to inform her before calling unless she was the one calling. I allowed her to call me anytime.


I told her I had plans on coming to Nigeria in June which was also her birthday month. She was so excited but I was extremely excited. I can’t even express the way I felt. It was amazing.



I had an emergency. I couldn’t come to Nigeria anymore. I got promoted at work and I was needed at the office in June for a program at the headquarters which was in Singapore. After making excuses for why I couldn’t travel to Singapore, I was asked to stay back at the UK office. I was devastated because I was supposed to be coming to Nigeria that same month. I didn’t know how I was going to tell her that I wasn’t going to be able to be with her in June.


After thinking and thinking I realised that I could actually use my budget to sponsor her to fly to meet me here. I told her and she was even more excited about the new suggestion. She was hyped. I was happy she was hyped.


Her Arrival, Her Departure

After several nights of sleeplessness because of excitement, she was finally coming the next day. I sent her some money to buy new clothes and hair so she could look so pretty. I was going to introduce her to the whole of the United Kingdom.


That day I practically slept at the airport because she was arriving really early in the morning. A Tuesday morning. So I was at the airport waiting for her and everything. She wasn’t online on the plane. I was sleeping when I heard my phone notification sound. I jumped up and saw the message from ‘My Heart 💖💖– “I have landed”.

I became so anxious, so anxious. She kept chatting with me and when she was finally done with customs and everything, she told me. I went to the arrival point and she described what she wore. My heart started to beat, dum, dum, dum. Blue Joggers and a blue hoodie?


I saw her! From the back. I walked up to her and hugged her from behind. Tolu, I whispered into her ears. She turned and hugged me back. I was so emotional. I didn’t even see her face cause I was way taller. After hugging her I helped her with her luggage and that was when I looked at her. Wait, Is this Tolu? Naaaa, must be a mistake. There was a resemblance but who’s this?


She was obviously Tolu but an older one. A way older one. What the heck was this? This was a big scam. This is so wrong, why lie to someone like this?

She knew there was a problem and she sure knew what she did. When we got to my apartment she tried to be mushy and all but I was really disappointed. I told my friends via messages and they felt sorry for me.


Why Tolu, why post your younger edited self? Like this stuff was bad. The make-up game was mad. It was after I kept checking her profile and her real self I looked at her Instagram bio

“Make-up artist💅

I can turn beast to beauty”


Ha! One chance. I was not thinking of the money I spent on the flight ticket. I was thinking of how I’ll send her away before 2 weeks.


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