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                          My Story

Ahhhh! How do I even begin this story? I will sha begin from somewhere.

My name is Amaka, not the one that disappoints but rather, the one that gets disappointed.

I’m huge on crushes. Right from when I was little I had begun crushing heavily on everyone and anyone. My crushes were not based on physical looks either, I mean if you’re fine boy, that helps.

I would be crushing on people over their intelligence, composure, abilities and so forth.

For Emmanuel, the first day I saw him what got to me was height. You see…I’m petite and so it’s only natural that I am attracted to a tall guy.

He was not very good looking but he was so tall that it covered every other physical imperfection. He was my street neighbor and every single day I would leave for work I would look towards the direction of his house praying fervently that I would catch a sight of him.

One day, I wa invited for a house party in my neighbors house. At first I didn’t want to go, but it was really boring day so I decided to go.

I wore a casual jumpsuit and did not even bother to do my make up or hair. I was basically going for the food, booze and a distraction from boredom.

I was barely 10 minutes in the house party when Emmanuel my crush walked in.

I almost lost my composure. I had never seen him close up before and now form the corner of the seat where I sat in, I had ample time to really study him. Close up, e was more handsome than I gave him credit for and boy! Even taller than I had expected .

I was already getting butterflies just looking at him and then suddenly, he looked my way and held my attention for long seconds.

I got so shy that I looked away.

After about 30 minutes, he made his way to me. He told me had been watching me for a long time, and has had a massive crush on me for almost a year.

What?!!! Imagine my shock.

This same guy that I’ve been crushing on heavily also retuned my feelings? Ahhh! My night was made. Or so I thought. Alas! Something happened that changed my opinions.

While we talking he kept leaning closer to me, and At was when I noticed a very pungent odor coming from somewhere. At first I was taken aback by the odor and wondering where it could have been coming from when I realized the culprit was the person leaning towards me.

It wasn’t just the odors from his body, his mouth was stinking badly too.

I shouted “Jesus! What a life”

Suddenly all my crush and feelings for him disappeared. How could he disappoint me like this?

I took a quick excuse to leave the party and just as I was about to leave, he asked me for my number. I am a polite babe, so, of course I gave it to him.

He called and called and called for weeks but I never picked. Eventually he stopped calling and that was my crush for him ended.

Since then, I have her greatly reduced the way I crush on people.

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