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Is Your Girlfriend Wifey Material Or Not? 5 Ways To Know



Choosing  a life partner is  something that should be done with all deliberateness and intention.

For some people, it comes naturally to them, for others it can be confusing to actually know if you’ve met your wife or if the girl you’re talking to is just another notch in your relationship history.

Well, here’s 5 Ways for you to know if your current babe is your future wife

She Motivates And Encourages You

Anybody you’re dating should be able to motivate you to be better. While love is important, if your babe does not push you to do positive things, then maybe you need to reevaluate what’s really important for you in a marriage.

You need to be married to someone who will always encourage you even during hard moments and also motivate you to do better than you’re already doing.

You have to be with a person that sees big dreams when they looks at you and also pursue those big dreams for themselves. That way, you both  can motivate each other.


You Connect With Her On A Deep Emotional Level

There are people you get into relationships with and you connect with them so deeply that you’re certain you will never be able to connect with someone like that again. They just get you in every way that matters.

You are able to create a natural effortless bond with them.

This is very rare to find especially in todays world, so, if you’ve found that person, maybe it’s time to put a ring on it.

She Loves Your Family

This is a super important aspect of a partner. Whoever you decide to spend your life with should love your family just as much as they love you. They need to understand that your family is an integral part of your life and so if they want to be part of your life, they have to be accepting of your family wholeheartedly.

She’s Comfortable In Her Own Skin

There’s nothing more attractive and appealing than a woman who is comfortable being herself. If your partner exudes natural confidence and can handle and get things done by herself sometimes without needing you, then it’s a good trait to hold down.


This means that she will be able to handle herself well in a marriage even during moments when you’re absent.

She Makes You Happy

At the end of the day, your happiness is all that matters. Even if the girl you’re dating ticks off all these list, if she doesn’t  make you happy, it’s all for nothing.

Happiness is something that should come naturally, you can’t force it. A girl who makes you happy without doing much, is defintely a girl you want to keep for life.

Finally, You just know it!

Yes. Sometimes your instincts and guts just tell you when you’ve met the one. Always listen to your gut feeling. If your mind keeps telling you strongly that you’ve met the one, don’t try to shut it down. Explore that thought and maybe, just maybe you might  find yourself  locked in forever with your life partner.

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