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7 Things A Nigerian Man Means When He Calls You A Wife Material



The term wifey material has become a word that most Nigerian man have used to group Nigerian women.

A wife material really is just someone who has qualities  of a wife. This is someone who you can easily see yourself getting married to.

However does this mean that people who do not fall into the category of what a wife material should look like are not marriageable ?

Let’s explore 7 things a Nigerian man most likely means when he tells you you’re a wife material


You Can Tolerate His Excesses

A lot of Nigerian men need women who can be patient with them and tolerate  their bad behaviors. When you can take it all, you’re seen as “wifey material”.

They want someone who reminds them of their mother because they’ve grown accustomed to watching the mother tolerste a lot of excesses from their father.

When you’re not able to tolerate the bad behaviors and have the flight mentality, you are now seen as someone who isn’t ready to settle down and get married.

You Have Little Sexual History

Yes! While Nigerian men have evolved and are no longer in the persistent search for “virgins” they still want to get married to women who do not have long sexual history.

They’re quite uncomfortable with females who are very comfortable in their sexuality. They’re most likely to  term you a “whore” or a “slut” if your sexual history has similar numbers like theirs.


When you have little or no sexual history, you are immediately seen as someone who would make a good wife and possibly remain faithful in the marriage.

You Are Submissive To Him

Nigerian men love control. It’s a DNA thing.

They love to be around women they can easily control and so they need females who are submissive.

You have to be able to listen to them, obey them and submit yourself to catering for them.

If you have loud opinions or you do not conform with their ideas, you can seem scary to them because now they can’t control you and thus, you will no longer fit into their idea of what a wife material should look like.


You Can Support His Dreams Even If You Have To Give up yours

Supporting your partners dreams is something every couple should do. But, for a Nigeria man, their dreams always comes first.

You have to be willing to be allow your dream take second stage if you want to be called a wife material. You’re allowed to have dreams as long as it does not interfere with their own dreams.

You are adept at doing chores at home

This is probably the golden rule for being a  wife material thanks to our mothers and the ones that came before them.

You have to be able to cook, do chores well and take care of the home and house  as efficiently as possible without missing a  beat.

If you’re domesticated, most mothers will view you as the perfect wife for their son.


You allow him be the “MAN” at all times

A lot of Nigerian men have very fragile egos which they call “PRIDE”.

They always want to wear the pants in the relationship or marriage. When a woman takes charge, they feel very emasculated. This is why a good number of them find it very difficult to ask for help even when they’re going through difficult moments.

You Love Him Unconditionally

Love him even when he’s consistently doling out disrespect your way. That’s a Nigerian man’s dream.

They want you to always love them irrespective of anything they’ve e done. Your ability to love and accommodate them is what sets you apart from others and establishes you as a wife material.

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