Four reasons why your relationship did not end in marriage




Have you ever wondered why that person you were so much in love with and made sweet memories together lost interest at some point and you didn’t end up getting married to them. There are a lot of reasons why people go into a relationship. Some want to settle down, some go because they are lonely and need a companion, and some others date to enjoy the benefits of having a boyfriend or girlfriend.
If you will like to find out some of the reasons why your relationship did not end up in marriage, then this article is for you.

1. Long distance

When you are  used to your partner being close to where you are and you relocate to due to a new job or school, it can be quite difficult to make your relationship work that way and then you realize that it’s better to find another  partner in your new location rather than struggling to make your relationship work.

2. Domestic violence

This is another important reason why some couples don’t end up tying the knots. One of them might be cheating on the other and they become furious about it such that they begin to threaten the life of the other partner.

3. Compatibility

After some period of time that you and your partner have dated, you discover that you are not compatible. When couples are not compatible, they usually have opposing opinions about important issues, and the way they show interest in the relationship will not be the same. They might end up breaking up and not taking the relationship to marriage.

4. Family

No matter how much couples love each other, if their parents do not approve of their union, it might be difficult to get married. Marriage is between two different families and one family is not in support, this can affect the plans the couple have in spending the rest of their lives together.



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