Three ways to make your man respect you



A healthy relationship is not easy to maintain. However it becomes sweet and beautiful when you realize you and your partner are putting in the efforts to make things work. You and your man should be able to make sacrifices for each other. That’s what true love is about. If you are the one who is constantly giving and you feel your man doesn’t value you or is taking you granted, then it’s time to step back a bit to make him know your worth.
Here  is a list of three ways to make your man respect you.

1. Do not be clingy and needy

You should not be too clingy and dependent on your man. If you are able to take care of some things yourself without having to call him at all times, he will respect you for that. It’s ok to act a little “miss independent” sometimes as this will even draw your man closer to you and he will always want to be around you .

2. Have boundaries

If you allow your feelings take over and you do not set boundaries in your relationship, your man will feel like he can get away with anything he does to you . Confident people set boundaries and there are consequences if someone crosses those boundaries. If you are a confident woman, he will value and respect you. Know your standards and don’t settle for less.

3. Prioritize yourself

When you are in a relationship, you should learn to love and care for yourself. This will make your man know how to treat you. Ensure that your needs are not ignored while trying to please your man. Have fun, take your self out, engage in things that will make you happy rather than sitting around worrying about the way your man treats you. This will make him realize he shouldn’t lose you and he will respect you as well.

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