Four signs you are dating the wrong person

Four signs you are with the wrong person


Four signs you are with the wrong person

Relationships are meant to add value to our lives, whether they will lead to marriage or not. Sometimes, we are blinded by what we feel for our partner and we are not able to take note of the red flags. We keep on giving excuses for them and we assure ourselves that they aren’t  wrong for us but we need to make ourselves perfect for them. The truth is if you find yourself in a relationship where you keep making efforts to be right for your partner and you are not appreciated for it, then you are dating the wrong person

Here is a list of four signs you are dating the wrong person

1. You change yourself to keep them satisfied

If you cannot be yourself around the person who is supposed to love you, then there is no point being in the relationship. You are with the wrong person when you get to a point you realize you have become someone different to keep your partner satisfied and they don’t conform to your beliefs

2. Their insecurity leads to controlling behavior

In this case, you are in a relationship but it feels as if you are in a prison and you don’t have the liberty to do things you want to do. Your partner is constantly checking who you are with, who you talk to and where you are. They even go as far as checking your messages and question you about them.

3. You do not share the same sense of humor

It could be that  when you first met, you had a strong connection, you vibed well such that you joke about a lot of things but all of a sudden things changed and the person doesn’t find you funny again. You are with the wrong person when the person isn’t interested or doesn’t see any humor in the things you share with them.

4. Your partner is your harshest critic

Criticism becomes bad when it is not constructive. If you have a partner who is not ready to carefully and lovingly correct you, then this is a red flag saying you are with the wrong person. If your partner loves you, they should not condemn you  but they should be able to proffer options when you don’t do things well.


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