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Far from home – Analyzing the love stories



This trending Nigerian movie set in a fictional school, Wilmer Academy is popular for a lot of reasons.

From its vibrant new characters to the teen themed drama, to the suspense and of course  the intentional  love moments between characters in the series, this is a Netflix original series that will keep you glued to your screen.

Far from home

While Far from home played around with different unique themes, today, we are going to specifically explore the theme of romance that existed between the characters.

How genuine did they seem? Were they realistic  enough?

Well…let’s start with the significant romantic moment in the series.


Ishaya and adufe

Far from home

This was the first romantic couple introduced in the series. While it wasn’t the typical swoon worthy type of romance, we got to know during the very first episode that Ishaya the lead character and Adufe a  supporting character were already in a relationship.

We also watched them break things off abruptly in the first episode after Ishaya decided to focus his energy in his dreams of becoming a world famous artist.

The relationship dynamic that existed between Adufe and Ishaya was a very interesting one to watch.

Throughout the movie, things got even more intense between them and we saw a swift change in their relationship towards the end of the series.

As ambitious as Ishaya was portrayed to be, it’s safe to believe Adufe was a girlfriend of convenience.


This is even made more obvious how quickly he moved on from her to another girl.

This brings us to the most significant romantic couple pairing of the series…

Carmen and Ishaya

In all the ways that matter, Carmen and Ishaya are the love birds of the season.

From their cliche first meet encounter to other even more corny and cliche meets during the course of the series, it was obvious that the producers had chosen them as the major love highlights of the drama.

For Ishaya, it’s clear to see that at first glance he was very attracted to Carmen.


But, was it a genuine cometion or was this based off the fact that she was something he could never have in his original world?

It’s natural to feel more attracted to things and people that are out of your league.

She easily had the affluence and wealth that his ambitious self had always dreams about.

She was also a girl removed from the drama of his life and maybe that naturally made her more attractive.

But then again, their is a possibility that his feelings for her were completely genuine and not prompted or spurred on by any external affair us.


Carmen on the other hand obviously had an undeniable attraction towards Carmen which she tried to fight.

Ishaya spells danger  and if you watched the series closely you will notice Carmen’s attraction to the dark sides of the law.

It was only a given  that the both of them would connect.

Frank And Rahila

Sweet innocent Frank meets sweet innocent Rahila.

Honestly, their could not have been a more perfect pairing.


Frank is the typical nice guy next door except that he is a much better version. He comes from wealth.

Frank comes off as a very genuine character who is honest and “Frank” about his emotions.

He gets love whipped after a first chance encounter with Ishaya’s sister Rahila, and the rest, they say, is history.

Their love story is drama free and pleasantly entertaining to watch.

Atlas and Carmen

This love story line was the typical popular guy in school dates popular gurl in school even though they’re terribly unhappy with each other.


From the first clip of them together,  we were already over it

Their was zero chemistry between them and everything seemed so robotic and detached between them.

Probably the most significant and gratifying moment in their love story was when Atlas caught Carmen and Ishaya kissing in the arts room of Wilmer Academy.

This finally signaled an end to their “pretend” relationship.

Reggie And Zina

Far from home

Even though their love story wasn’t given as much screen time as the viewers would have loved, it was still the viewers favorites.


The characters were both expressed as carefree, playful with a bit of dare devil to them.

Reggie oozed a lazy sex appeal while zina was the adorable yet fierce female love interest.

Easily the best romantic scene in the entire series was when Reggie asked her out with flowers (no spoilers) in a way that would make any female swoon.

Their relationship might seem chaotic but something about it also promises longetivity.



Oga Rambo and Adufe

While some people might consider it funny that their dynamic was included , what they had was in fact a relationship.

Did Oga Rambo love her?

Probably not. But, it was clear that he did like her in the only way he knew how to. He liked her as much as as he capable of liking another female.

Oga Rambo is the ultimate villain of the show and portrayed to be a character who cares deeply about money and would go to great lengths to get what he wants.

This means that the  love or relationship will easily take the back stage in his life.


His moments with Adufe were very intense hanging on the brink of fear. But, on occasions, we got to see Adufe soothe him and even change his mind completely from making life altering decisions.

For Adufe, this was a relationship of survival, if any romantic interest existed between them at some point, it defintely did not come from her.

Maybe there could have been a deeper more intense love story that might have emerged from them if things didn’t go so awry for them in the series but I guess now, we’ll never know.

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