Building Your Dream Marriage Part Two

Building Your Dream Marriage Part Two

Building Your Dream Marriage Part Two

In this part of the world, it is unbelievable that a man and woman could be so in love. Many doubt that a man would love a woman that much as shared in the first part of this piece. 

Seeing a man who washes his wife’s pants, cooks for her, carry her loads while she walks freely, touch and kiss her incessantly, tell her Thank You for cooking for him and devotes his life to be committed to her is strange to many but it is possible.

Whether you know it or not, someone is influencing your relationship and consequently your marriage. Wise people choose their influence before they ever get married. This is why having quality role models are non-negotiable. 

In your quest to building your Dream Marriage, do these two things first:

  1. Identify influences that won’t make you have one and KILL THEM (erase it – it’s easier said than done).
  2. Identify the influences that will make you have one. Get their images and as much as possible, get their wisdom. (It’s also easier said than done).

As love gets old

The loving may be sweet today but many months into marriage, many will be amazed at how casual their love has become. 

As a man, you love to help her carry all her bags and do house chores for her then, but now you are too tired to try.

When you are asked, you will tell the world that you are deeply in love but in reality you are casually in love.

Being casual – dream marriage killer

Your love is casual when you now play with your device more than you play with your spouse.

Your love is casual when you prefer to watch TV while she slaves in the kitchen. At least check up on her at intervals or even do the cooking.

Your love is casual when you go a full day without a loving and passionate kiss (except you are out of town of course). Remember how you want to kiss her so badly now that you are single?

Your love is casual when you both don’t laugh uncontrollably together anymore.

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Many married people who are experiencing this challenge today is because they failed to create a transition plan. When your love is sweet, it is pertinent that you envisiage tiredness and plan for it. 

Be deliberate about deepening your love

Building a dream marriage requires you to be deliberate about your love life and the kind of results you want to see. Being deliberate is about sitting down to analyze your relationship and developing a strategy that keeps both of you in love with each other. The intentionality of building friendship and deepening communication is an important prerequisite.

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