Are You Worth More Than a S3x Doll?

Are You Worth More Than a Sex Doll?

When the issues of s3x doll come up, we are quick to point fingers at the woman. This message is for both the man and the woman. Whether we like it or not, s3x doll is now a phenomenon this generation has to deal with.

Not long ago, a new sex doll which was made trended on social media. The cost was put at about $2300 (N800 000). That’s a lot of money for something as basic as that but it brings the question of how useless some people would become now that there’s a sex doll.

As a woman, other than those two sumptuous breasts and hole between your legs; as a man, other than your long and thick rod, what more can you offer to the world and your partner? So, are you worth more than a s3x doll?

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When purpose is not known, you will be subject to abuse. Knowing who you are, what you carry and how to distil your awesomeness separates you from the pack of men and women.

If sex is the only thing you can offer, a sex doll can now offer the only thing you have to offer. In my interaction with people on this subject matter, I have heard them say that ‘can a sex doll wash plates and clean the house?’ That question should make you evaluate your value as a person. If washing plates and cleaning the house is the value you have to offer a man or woman, you are not needed; your partner simply needs a maid. 

I have also heard this one ‘can sex dolls give birth to children?’ It should have occurred to you now that some people aren’t looking for children? Even when they are, there are women who are satisfied with being baby mamas with no string attached. Women also know how to get pregnant without having you as a father figure.

I am not here to make you feel less of yourself but to help you revalue and evaluate yourself. With the way you are currently, can a sex doll replace you? If the highest value you have to give in a relationship is sex, you are no longer needed. Many men have been replaced with Dildo and other sophisticated sexual instruments because all they bring to the plate is sex. 


So, I ask you again, are you worth more than a sex doll? Will a woman be proud to have you in her life? Would a man call you the most desirable woman in the world even if you are not pretty as ‘Miss World’? Can your absence in a man’s life make him realize you are an enigma? What does your presence add to a woman other than ‘chemistry and bedmatics’?

Wake up call

This is a wakeup call for you to think deep and highlight what makes you special and valuable to another human. Once you know these, you are well on your way to become more confident in your ability to attract the most desirable partner in the world.

So, feel free to answer the question, what more do you have to offer than a sex doll? 

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