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5 Benefits Of Being Single



In this day and age, every one seems to be so fixated on finding the perfect partner and being in the right relationship that it seems almost like there are no benefits to being single.

Being single is seen more and more like a plague and there are funny viral videos e dry whew that seem to make fun of single people.

In reality, is being single really that bad?

These are 5 Benefits Of Being Single

You Get To Work On Yourself

When you are single, you have more time on your hands. You can use this extra time to focus and invest in yourself. You have the time now to discover who you really are, what you want to do, and who you do not want to be.

You are able to improve yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.


In a relationship, you get too bound to the person you’re dating most times and this leads to you not having enough time most times to intentionally work on yourself.

Freedom to move around and do whatever you want

Oh! The joy of being single. One of the best aspects of being a single Pringle is being able to go wherever you want to and do whatever you want to without a partner asking you questions.

When you’re in a relationship, you constantly have to report to your partner and you have to explain to them while you’re taking some certain decisions s.

Being single means you no longer have to give anyone updates on activities in your life. You can decide to get s tattoo or cut your hair or sell your car and no one is going to feel entitled to make a decision with you.

Decision-making is made less complicated

Sometimes, the spice of life is impulsiveness and spontaneity. That’s what gives life the extra ooomph!


In a relationship, you cannot afford to make decisions that are impulsive . You always have to consider your pertinent snd think about how your actions will affect them.

Being single gives you the space to be impulsive and spontaneous with yourself whenever you want to.

You Save Money

Being in a relationship can suck a lot of money from your pocket, unknowingly.

You have to go on dates and all these dates have to be paid for. You also want to look good for your partner, so, you might find yourself buying more outfits and styling yourself better which cost a lot of money to maintain over time.

When you’re single, you have no one to impress or cater for except yourself, so, naturally you’re able to save more money.


Self Sufficiency

The best road to achieving self sufficiency or self dependency is through being single. When you’re single, you will be able to rely on yourself emotionally and mentally.

Being in a relationship most times breeds a dependency system among couples which can become very toxic.

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