4 Things You Should Not Trade For Love

things you should not trade for love

things you should not trade for love

You may have heard many people tell you their own personal view about love. Many people may have taught you how to love with everything you have, but the truth is that, no matter how deeply in love you are with someone, there are some limitations you must not exceed, otherwise, you may have problem in the long run.

When you are truly in love with someone, everything about them matters to you more than yourself. That is why we are always ready to give up anything for someone we love. However, there are things you must not trade for love no matter how much love you have for your lover.

1. Your peace of mind.

What is love if there is no peace? It is said that love is reciprocal. Of course, this statement is accurate because when you love someone, they are expected to love you back. That is why you should not love someone who doesn’t love you if you want a healthy relationship or marriage.

When it comes to a romantic relationship or marriage, anything that may pose a serious treat to your peace of mind should be discarded or avoided, therefore, as important as love is, it should not be traded for your peace of mind.

It is better to stay unloved than to lose your peace of mind over love. The truth is, if your lover causes you to lose your peace of mind, he or she does not love you. You are actually wasting your time with such lover.

Peace of mind should be the major thing you should look out for when falling in love. As intoxicating as love can be, it can affect your well-being, love life as well as your health when you lose your peace of mind over it. Above all, without peace of mind, you can’t be happy in your relationship or marriage.

2. Your freedom.

Being in love is not synonymous to being in prison. Why would you trade your freedom for love? You can only exercise and express your love truly when you have your freedom, otherwise, you will only be forced to do so.

To succeed in life, you must break off from anything that will interfere with your freedom, love inclusive. Have you seen someone who is happy in a relationship or marriage where he or she is denied of their freedom? When falling in love, consider your freedom first. Ask yourself some important questions about your freedom with such person.

3. Your career.

Do not trade your career for love. This is usually seen in women. Some women can give up on their career once they are in a serious relationship, but usually, some do this once they are married. Some men usually discourage their female lovers from carrying on their careers, promising to take care of them.

As a human being, you need to follow your career and work towards achieving it. Do not exchange your career for love as you may regret it when the love can no longer be found.

Love may play no role in your career, but your career can play some profitable roles in your love life. The product of your career, which is success can help to strengthen your love. Therefore, don’t abandon your career in the name of love.

4. Your happiness.

One of the important things you must not trade for love is your happiness. You are not in love if you are not happy in your relationship or marriage. When it comes to love, you have to be very careful. You have to look before you leap, otherwise, you will regret it when you trade your happiness for love.

Some people are in relationships or marriages where they are maltreated, yet they are still in love with their significant others. This is because they chose love over happiness. In other words, they traded love over happiness.

Your happiness should be your number one priority in life. You are falling in love to be happy. Of course, you can’t make your lover happy when you are not happy.


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