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When You See These Signs Your Relationship Has Communication Issues 



When You See These Signs Your Relationship Has Communication Issues 

When things are going smoothly, love is always sweet, but everyone needs to understand that it is not all a bed of roses. There will be sacrifices, intense conversations and arguments. In all, it is important to know when things are getting too much especially when it starts to mess with your communication in your relationship. 

When you have communication issues, a lot of things go wrong. Communication is one of the highest reasons couples split up. Now, how do you know when you are having issues communicating?

Criticism Replaces Health Feed Back

In this state, they don’t care about the approach or how they sound. They correct you in the most hurtful way. If this is not how they act before, it is good to ask because most times, it starts as a small problem that can be easily fixed. Once it escalates, it might get worse and then, you’ll have to spend money to go to therapy to save your relationship. 

One Sided Message

When you take your time to send a long message and your partner sends only ‘OK’. Or when you are trying to bring up a conversation to cancel boredom and they keep rendering all your efforts fruitless. In this instance, they do not want to talk. There is a big difference if it just happens once and they become lively again. Then you can say it is just mood swings. In situations where it is constant, there is a problem with your communication and your partner doesn’t have so much fun talking to you again. 

When someone replies to your heartfelt message with one word or an abbreviation, it is a sign that there is a problem and they do not want to speak. 


Keeping Secrets and Big News

If you can only tell your partner small news about all the things happening in your life then you don’t trust them and once you don’t trust them, there was never good communication in the first place.  Normally, when something big happens in your life, it always itches to tell your partner about it, whether good or bad. When you get a job, lost a job, had a huge event, your partner should know. That is how a good relationship should work.

Once a relationship starts with secrets, it ends on a bad note because basically, the relationship was based on lies. 

More Of Text In Short Distance

When you hardly see even though you live close, it only shows that there is a problem with your communication. You hear people saying that they can’t see their partner every month because they will get tired of their faces. The bitter truth is that you don’t love that person and you probably think you do. If you can’t see them every month how do you expect to cope when you see them every day when you wake up and they’re there? The end goal of every relationship is to get married so do you expect to live under separate roofs? Text is a way to connect to your partner and communicate with them but it should not be the major channel. Visit them, go on dates and have fun.

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