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Things You Should Never Do To a Woman Out of Love



out of love

In your love journey as a man, always remember when to draw the line. Women are good at playing emotional cards and trust me they always win. Just in case you doubting go ask Adam.

out of love

EDUCATION BILL: No matter how much you love a woman do not lose yourself as a man while at it. In as much you want to build your woman to your taste and class, never foot her education bills whether formal or informal, if you cannot let go of the deed. It is best to keep yourself giving off any form of education. Because it is never a yardstick of assurance, has she could fall in love with a better person. Don’t make the mistake of thinking she is going to feel indebted to you.


Compromise your desire: In as much as love comes with a compromise if not necessary do not let go of what interests you as a guy. If you need money to complete a course program and she asks for groceries, you cannot let go of your educational course because of material things. Know when to draw the line.



Let go of your goal/dream: do not let go of your life desires and aspirations all in the name of love. Encourage her to learn to work with your goals. Walkthrough it together and never let go of a better opportunity for immediate needs.


Separate your family and friends from you: do not allow your woman get into your head with her emotional card. Be very decisive in listening and granting her complaint. Do not loose your family bond or your great friendship because your babe gets irritated by their attitude. Do not welcome any disrespect of any form. Always remember “when thing gets shaking and rough you need your family and friends to fall back to”.



Commit a crime for her love your woman with what you have, do not break bank for any course. if you cannot afford an expensive lifestyle do not commit a crime to please her, all in the name of getting her what she needs.


In conclusion, love is meant to be a symbiotic and not parasitic relationship.

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