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4 Wrong Reasons For Getting Into a Relationship



These are the fatal mistakes you should never make during s3x

‘Wahala for who no get babe o’, if I were to count the number of times I heard this statement in my last semester in University, it would probably be more than 50, not counting the number of times that I was the one making the statement. For those who don’t know, it simply means ‘trouble for the one that does not have a girlfriend or boyfriend’, and this was often said when people observed others being ‘lovey-dovey’ or they heard someone talk about their ‘babe’.

Statements that followed these were usually ‘we sef go soon get babe’ meaning ‘we’ll soon have babe’, that is, the reason they’re looking to have a babe is so they can experience things that they’ve seen others exhibit or observed. This leads us to today’s first article that speaks on some of the wrong reasons people go into relationships.


This is directly related to the introductory part of this article and is the main reason I chose to write this article; this should be the last reason you go into a relationship with anyone. First of all, ‘Everyone is not in a relationship!!!!’ no matter how much it looks like it, everyone you’re close to may be in a relationship but that still doesn’t justify going into a relationship because you want to be ‘in the number’. I’m not saying you should be against a relationship because Wonder said if everyone is in a relationship, you shouldn’t get into a relationship, I’m just saying that shouldn’t be the reason for one.



A lot of relationships among youths are caused by loneliness, especially in Universities, no one wants to be lonely, and they fill this hole or void with relationships, most of which are short-lived. If you enter a relationship, for this reason, it’ll either be wrought with problems, or you’ll realize it wasn’t what you really wanted, or you don’t like the person half as much as you thought you did when you started dating.

Truth be told, during a bout of loneliness should be the last time you consider getting into a relationship because enough attention from anyone can confuse you and you’ll think it’s love and start chasing a relationship with someone or go into a relationship with the wrong person.


Another reason not to get into a relationship is lust or physical desires that we have because we’re attracted to someone. Don’t get me wrong, the attraction is part of relationships, no one should date someone they can’t touch, but while attraction should be one of the reasons, it shouldn’t be the only reason. When lust is the only reason, relationships often end after sex or become centred around sex more often than not.



Yes, pity is a reason people get into relationships, mostly females, I’ve had a lot of female friends tell me after breaking up that the only reason they dated ‘him’ was because he was very persistent and she thought that he really liked her so she ‘pitied’ him and hoped she could reciprocate. Personally, I don’t think you should be in a relationship with someone you don’t love; it’s disrespectful to both the person and your worth. So don’t go into relationships out of pity, let the person down gently and if they don’t take the hint, be assertive but never be rude.

Hope you have a good read, it’s my first post here, I hope you enjoy what I have for you, love and light from Wonder……

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