These Signs Should Make You Break Up Before Marriage

We meet certain people and we kickstart a relationship with the speed light. Before we know it, we are already talking or thinking of marriage. It is not everyone who has professed love to you that you should marry. You need to check their motive and intentions and be sure it aligns with yours.

This is why we have come up with reasons why you can walk out of a potential marriage relationship before you get your fingers burnt. The following signs should make you break up before marriage:

Physical and Emotional Abuse

I once had a client who was been beaten blue black by her lover. She would cry to me with the details and after calming her, I would help her see the danger in continuing the relationship.

The day a man or woman starts to abuse you physically or emotionally whether because they are provoked by you or not, that’s the day to get out. 

If you marry him or her, you will never know peace, break up before marriage.

Acute evidence of irresponsibility 

When a person has refused to be responsible with money, time, commitments, and agreements; it is an acute case of irresponsibility.

This person will often use money meant for important projects on vain things or personal exploration. It is proof that such a person will only be after your money when you marry.

Your partner is after your money and assets

When you discover that the reason someone wants to marry you is only because of your financial abilities and assets, you should rethink getting married to them. 

If you ever encounter a financial challenge, what is the assistance that they will stay? 

He has no plans for life

When you find yourself with a partner who has no plans for his or her life and has no concrete plan for you, you should think. In some cases, they present you with a plan and this plan keeps changing every day or week to the point where you really don’t know the plan anymore. That is a sign of what is to come in the marriage

You’re not attracted to your partner

Attraction is usually the first force even before love. It is pertinent that you are attracted to him and he is attracted to you. In an attraction-less marriage, sex will suffer and romance will be nonexistent.

Because you are not attracted to your partner,  you will punish him or her and barely tolerate them. When you can’t find any force of attraction, please walk away before you walk the aisle. 

No commitment from your partner

Despite being together for many years, they have not shown you that you have a future with them. Don’t wait on them like someone without hope. There are many people who would love to walk down the aisle with you. Waiting on them when they aren’t giving you any assurances is synonymous with wasting your youth. 

He/She Doesn’t Love You

There are many cases where a partner doesn’t love the other but just wants to get married. You will become either a baby factory or a baby producing machine. 

Love is not enough to make a relationship work but it is a necessary ingredient upon which every other thing is built. 

Your Partner can’t accept your past

If you have had abortions, been a cultist, have a child outside wedlock or other things people get ashamed of, you need a partner who accepts you wholly with all these baggage. When you find him or her constantly unsettled about your past and finds it difficult to accept you, don’t enter marriage with such a person. 

He or she will unconsciously become your source of pain and regret in marriage. 

Always fighting 

In one of our articles in the divorce category, this is one of the things we have expantiated on. You should read that and add some of the conditions listed there as part of this as well. 

When you can’t stop fighting, you should consider a break. 


Marriage is not the gateway to heaven. So, don’t compromise everything because of marriage. If you continue to work on yourself, your kind of partner will come.

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