Stine and John Soon To Wed.


To outsiders Stine and John Nguemo are just newly married couples, however, they both have a beautiful and super cute meet up story.

John and Stine

These lovebirds found love at a party.

The best part? They weren’t even searching for love, at least Stine wasn’t.

Who knew parties can be such great avenues to find love?

Their Love Story

They had both attended a mutual friend’s birthday party. Stine had been the one to help usher in Nguemo into the party. At the time, they were just strangers.

They both hit it off immediately, immersing themselves in interesting conversations and boom! somehow love became part of their conversation.

It was such an intimate connection that they spoke about almost everything and anything at just the first meeting.

They spoke about politics to religion to rap music and even feminism. While they both tried to enjoy the party, John Nguemo’s other  intention was to get her number before leaving the party.

When the party eventually ended, he walked up to her and asked for her number.

He had the good looks of a player and lived in Abuja, so, of course Stine was nervous because of the obvious reputation that comes with “Abuja men”.

She did not want to set herself up for a heartbreak, however she decided to give him a chance and obliged him his request.

The next day, Stine gets a message from John asking her to explain the meaning of her name.

 And just like, conversations effortlessly started to build.

In a truly romantic moment for the couple, when Stine got sick with Covid, John stayed with her all through her ordeal, feeding and taking care of her despite the risk it would pose to him too if he contracted the disease.

They are set to be married soon and they both cannot seem to wait for the day already.

One word to describe how they feel right now is pure excitement. They both seem to deeply love, respect and care for each other.

Wishing them a beautiful wedding and family in the future.


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