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Sophia Momodu Makes Shocking Claim Against Davido



Amidst the ongoing custody dispute between popular musician David Adeleke, known as Davido, and Sophia Momodu, the mother of his first child, Imade, Sophia’s legal representatives have issued a statement addressing the allegations.

Legal Context and Claims

Sophia Momodu, represented by Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors and Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co, refuted claims that she has denied Davido access to their daughter. According to her lawyers, Sophia has never denied Davido access to Imade, but only to physical intimacy with her, which Davido has reportedly taken issue with.

Davido’s Allegations and Sophia’s Response


Davido has sought joint custody or unrestricted access to Imade, accusing Sophia of blocking his attempts to play an active fatherly role. However, Sophia’s statement claims that Davido has not made an effort to be present in Imade’s life since July 2022. Despite not reaching out on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas, Davido allegedly portrays himself on social media as an active father.

Davido Drags Sophia Momodu To Court

Financial Disputes and Responsibilities

Sophia’s lawyers accused Davido of financial neglect, stating that he has not fulfilled his financial responsibilities since July 2022, including paying Imade’s school fees. The school had to contact Davido multiple times regarding the fees for the 2021/2022 school term and January 2023, but he did not respond. Eventually, Davido’s father, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, paid the outstanding fees. Sophia has since borne the sole financial responsibility for Imade, covering expenses such as rent, living and travel costs, and healthcare.

Efforts Toward Co-Parenting


Sophia claims that she has consistently sought a peaceful co-parenting arrangement through legal means, but Davido and his lawyers have refused to cooperate. She accused Davido of using his social influence to discredit and isolate her and their daughter.

Background of the Relationship

The statement provided context for their relationship, noting that Davido and Sophia were together from 2014 to 2017 and again from 2020 to 2022. During their relationship, Davido supported Imade financially, covering her school fees, rent, and other living expenses. However, since their breakup in July 2022, Davido has reportedly threatened to make Sophia’s life difficult if she does not make herself available to him sexually.

Sophia’s Stand

Sophia expressed her desire for civility and peace, wishing to move forward free from harassment and verbal abuse. She remains hopeful that the justice system will expose the injustices and hardships she and Imade have faced. She emphasized that the most important support Davido can provide is his presence and emotional support for their daughter.



Sophia urges journalists to verify stories before reporting, seeking balanced and accurate information to be shared with the public.

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