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Ivy Ifeoma and Paul Okoye Tie the Knot



Popular singer and one-half of the renowned musical duo PSquare, Paul Nonso Okoye, known by his stage name Rudeboy, has confirmed his marriage to his girlfriend, Ivy Ifeoma Iboko.

The couple celebrated their union with a traditional ceremony in Ivy’s hometown of Igbere, located in Abia State.

Rudeboy took to his X (formerly Twitter) handle to share the joyous news, posting a series of photos from their traditional wedding.

He simply captioned the photos with the hashtag #Ifynonso, symbolizing their union. The pictures showcased the couple in vibrant traditional attire, surrounded by family and friends, capturing the essence of the cultural celebration.


This marriage marks Rudeboy’s second. He was previously married to Anita Okoye, with whom he has three children. Their marriage ended in divorce in December 2022 after several years together. Despite the end of their marriage, Rudeboy and Anita have maintained a cordial relationship, focusing on co-parenting their children.

Rudeboy introduced Ivy Ifeoma to the public as his girlfriend in December 2022, just a year after his divorce. The announcement came as a surprise to many fans, but the couple has since shared glimpses of their relationship on social media, displaying their affection and partnership.

The traditional wedding ceremony in Igbere was a vibrant and heartfelt affair, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. The event was attended by close family members and friends who gathered to celebrate the couple’s love and commitment. The photos shared by Rudeboy captured moments of joy, tradition, and unity, marking the beginning of their new journey together.

Rudeboy’s marriage to Ivy Ifeoma has been met with an outpouring of congratulatory messages from fans and well-wishers. Many have taken to social media to express their happiness for the couple and to wish them a prosperous and loving marriage.

In addition to his personal life, Rudeboy continues to be an influential figure in the music industry. As one-half of PSquare, he has contributed to numerous hits and has a significant following. His marriage to Ivy Ifeoma adds a new chapter to his life, blending his personal happiness with his professional success.


The couple’s traditional wedding ceremony signifies their commitment to honoring their cultural roots while embarking on a new journey together. As they step into this new phase of their lives, fans and followers eagerly anticipate more updates and celebrations from Rudeboy and Ivy Ifeoma.

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