Pastor Rick On Rekindling Love

Pastor Rick founder and senior pastor of Saddleback church in his daily devotional spoke on the 4 ways to Rekindle love.

Rekindling love

A church isn’t the only thing that can drift from their original love. Even marriages can.

Sometimes, love does drift for a period of time, this is mostly normal. However, it is important that on the occasions love does drift from you, it still comes back to you.

He likened some aspects of the book of Revelation to thoroughly explaining romantic love.

In Revelation 2:4-5, Jesus used an analogy from romantic love to describe a church that had gone astray. Jesus said to the church in Ephesus:

 “You have left the love you had in the beginning. So remember where you were before you fell. Change your hearts and do what you did at first” 

What do you do then love drifts away from? How do you light the waning fire of that love again.

These are the 4 things Jesus told the Laodiceans to do which can also help you in rekindling love in your marriage. Even if you’re not married, these principles are important to apply in any form of relationship you have and share with your partner.then to recapture your marriage 

They are; Remember, Return, Repent and Repeat.


  1. Remember. 

You have to take a trip back with your mind to the beautiful days you once shared with your partner. What are those things that made you fall in love with them? Are they still there? Remeber the days when all you felt for each was pure love and you were so happy together.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in all the problems. You start to think that you never really loved each other and that your marriage is doomed to end badly. When you allow yourself to remember all the memories and focus your mind on positivity, your heart will Remember to love then once again.


Rekindling love

  1. Return. 

Always return your attention to God. God answers all prayers. It can be easy to allow the problems in the world to every facet of life to distract you from your personal relationship with God. You have to still make out time every single time for Gid. If you want to return to the feelings you once shared with your partner when everything was great, then you have to focus on God big time.

  1. Repent. 

Love isn’t a feeling; love is a choice.

You have to deliberately choose to love your partner.

This means that you will have to change how you think about them. Love is a commitment to put someone else’s best interest over your own. Anything other than that isn’t love.

God commands us that we should choose to love others over and over again including our spouses. This is because He knows that love exists more than just a feeling.

If you haven’t been loving your spouse like Jesus would, make a choice to start doing that today, that’s repentance.

  1. Repeat. 

What were some things you did when you and your partner first fell in love? Do them again. When you do something consistently, your heart will eventually follow suit.

Feelings always follow actions. It’s easier to act your way into a feeling than to feel your way into an action. You should never wait for when you feel love again for you to start loving your partner. It could be a really long wait because the Choose to act in a loving way, and the feelings will come back.

The kind of affection that leads to a lasting relationship inevitably seeps out of almost every marriage eventually. The question is: How will you respond when that happens?

You should never tell yourself it’s over when you start to lose feeling for the ones you love, instead make a conscious decision to reignite those feelings and  rekindle your love once again.

In this order; Remember, Return, Repent, and Repeat.

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