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Pastor Kumuyi Reveals 5 Ways To Handle Marital Challenges



There is no Union that exists without marital challenges.

The best way you can manage and overcome these challenges when they come is by making God center stage in your marriage.

When a couple allows God to became a part of their union, a happier and long lasting marriage is guaranteed.

When dealing with Marital challenges, Pastor Kumuyi dished out these 6 free tips to couples which will help them overcome it;

Pray Consistently

Always seek God’s  face before any decision and in terms of confusion. God should always be your go to person when facing life’s challenges. He always make it easier. Pray for yourself, your partner and your family in general all the time. Also, it’s important that you pray with faith and believe that things will work out great at the end of the day.


Meditate On The Scriptures

According to Pastor Kumuyi, you should make strive to make the Bible a close friend, a best friend even. Learn from the biblical examples in the Bible and apply them in your marriage.

When you’re able to do this, you’re able to avoid the mistakes made and emulate the commendable things they did.

Have Faith

You should never be docile or have an air of resignation when it comes to your marriage. Always believe and have faith that things will work out well for you and your husband even during heated arguments.

It’s important to always have a very positive outlook.

A believer should have an unwavering and absolute trust and faith in God. Do not allow the devil try to play tricks on you by telling you unfounded things about your marriage.


Seek Good Counsel

Seek good advice from women of value in the society who lead exemplary lives and have also been married for longer period than you. They most likely have already gone through what you are going through and they’re in a better position to understand you and help you out.

Leave your old life alone

Sometimes when you get married, it’s hard to separate your old life from your new life. You have to understand that you are now married and your mentality and how you address things in general has to change.

You have to cling to your partner and start to plan activities and create experiences with them. You should look at them as someone you’re going to be with till forever. Do not allow outsiders try to interfere with your union.

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