Nike And Tolu: A Wedding To Prepare For

Isn’t love young the cutest thing? It’s innocent, adorable and filled with so much hope. However, a lot of people have associated young love with temporality.

This isn’t the case however for Nike and Tolu.

Their love story started off in the funniest way possible. Tolu decided to help out his friend’s sister Nike with an arithmetic problem and that would be the beginning of a deep friendship and eventually a long lasting relationship.

You probably want to know how these lovebirds met. Lucky for you, we have all the details.

Thanks to Nike, who shared their cute love story, you are also invited to share in on it.

Nike’s Story

“It all began in 2007 with arithmetic lessons in my living room back in Festac town, Lagos. Tolu and I met through my brother but had no idea that 2 years later we’d find ourselves head over heels in love with each other.

Tolu attended the same high school with my brother and will often come over to hang out after school hours. I was in junior high at that time and hated arithmetic.

Tolu being very good at it offered to tutor me. He will often stay back to help me with my homework.

From there we became friends and then one day, I got a call from him where he professed his love for me but the following day when he saw me, he was so shy so he told me everything he said over the phone was a joke.

Fast forward to my sweet 16th birthday, Tolu showered me so many gifts. My mum and dad had to sit me down after the party to ask me what was going on. I told them nothing was going on but my dad didn’t believe it and was mad the entire day lol. However, Tolu and I resumed our friendship and arithmetic lessons.

The following year, June 22, 2009, to be exact as I was about to turn 17 and preparing for College… Tolu officially asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed.

We ended up going to the same college and planned our future together. In 2012, Tolu moved to the United States to further his education and based on our plan, I also migrated two years later. We continued our relationship and have grown together for the past 13 years.

Nike and tolu

It has been a wild and beautiful ride. Everything we’ve been through has solidified this crazy beautiful love. And now we have decided to make it official!”

What an absolutely beautiful love story. It’s not everyday you get to marry the love of your life or someone you’ve been in a relationship with for so many years.

We would love to of course commend their patience and tolerance with each other. It can’t be easy being in a  13 year relationship and still wanting to end up together but they waded through temptations and came out stronger and united for it.

We wish them the best in their marriage and that their love life together  would look even more gorgeous than their pictures.


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