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Liquorose Reveals Why She’s No Longer In A Relationship With Emmanuel



Liquorose and Emmanuel were housemates of the last Big Brother Naija season, Shine Ya Eye. That was the first time they met and the sparks flew immediately. They didn’t take a week into the house before fans started to ship them as couples. Well, they started it cause the two couldn’t get their hands off each other. 

The shippers were called EMMAROSE and the name was gotten by joining the two names of the couple. Some people felt Emmanuel was just playing a game and he was using Liquorose as a strategy to stay in the house because everyone in the house knew Liquorose had fans before the house.

Liquorose and Emmanuel

Who is Liquorose?

Her real name is Roseline Omokhoa Afije. Before Big Brother, she was known as a popular video vixen and dancer. She’s one of the three dancers for the GGB dance crew. She came into the big spotlight by entering as a Housemate in the Nigerian Reality show, Big Brother Naija.


Who is Emmanuel?

Emmanuel Umoh is a model and is the first Nigerian to win Mr Africa. He’s from Akwa Ibom but he leaves in Portharcourt where he runs a fitness centre, unisex salon and a spa.



Emmanuel and Liquorose started as friends then they moved quickly into the relationship. We hoped the ship could sail longer and get to somewhere deep but unfortunately, the two splits without giving reasons. Fans were heartbroken including the EMMAROSE shippers. Some of them couldn’t believe it and they still believed that they’ll get back together. Now, we can’t say that anymore as Liquorose has finally revealed why they went their separate ways on the reality show Reunion.

Liquorose and Emmanuel


The Shine Ya Eye Season Reunion Premiered on the 2 of June 2022. There have been a lot of Gbas gbos, confrontations, confessions and apologies. On Wednesday, the 8th of June 2022, the host Ebuka decided to ask the former couple why they had broken up and how they went from loving themselves to not attending each other’s events like Emmanuel salon opening and Liquorose birthday party. That’s when the whole thing scattered. Emmanuel who tried to cover up said he can’t pinpoint what he had done and that she was angry because he went on a date with Saskay, another female housemate. Liquorose interrupted by saying it was not true and Ebuka asked her to say her own side of the story.


It was towards the end of the show. Liquorose said they were dating even after the show and they went to Dubai only for her to walk into his room the only night she didn’t stay there and meet a girl with the light turned off. She added that the funny part was that when she walked out of their presence, her ‘so called’ boyfriend never ran after her or even called her.


That was the end of the day’s episode and Ebuka told us Goodbye. On Thursday, the 9th of June, we didn’t still get the full gist because the show ended with Liquorose saying she caught him in Dubai with a woman in his room. We are really looking forward to hearing what’s next but I guess Liquorose already told us she walked away. We’ll be waiting for an update on the 10th of June.



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