Legend’s Reflections 5: I Want Attention

Legend’s Reflections 5: I Want Attention
Legend's Reflection 5: I Want Attention
Candidly speaking, the challenge is not that you don’t have attention but that you want more attention.
Ponder on these things:
Are you feeding those currently paying attention to you enough?
Does it bother you that some people are not paying you attention as they do others?
You need to become less concerned about not having enough people pay attention!
What matters more are not those who starve you of their attention but you who show up to the few who honour you with their attention.
If you live for the applause, you will always be at mortals’ mercy.
When your accolades don’t come from within as it comes from without, your performance in life will be seasonal and human-centric.
As a creator, writer, fashion designer, make-up artist, influencer, speaker, product designer, or just a young fellow on a journey of discovery… Pay less attention to the likes and follow, if you can, forget that it exists, instead simply continue to bless the world with your sauce.
Everyone started without attention, some racked up attention speedily while some will not always get high attention.
Your goal in life should not be to have ALL people’s attention but to have high-quality attention – those who truly need your value.
You are often looking at the attention your supposed competitors are having and get depressed or repressed consequently.
Celebrate your competitors and if you cannot yet, avoid them like a plague. This is self-love. You will grow to be able to celebrate them soon. Remember, you are on a journey of greatness – God is not in the business of making you perfect in a day, He daily works in you!
Today’s reflection is towards encouraging you to chase your greatness regardless of the accolades.
Grow your attention by daily showing up… Let the metrics for celebrating yourself be based on the number of times you showed, not the number of people who paid attention.
Are you a tailor? Keep sowing and keep showing your work daily.
Do you a writer? Pen words every day and bless humanity with them
Whatever you do, whoever you are, and whenever you are compelled to share, do so not for those who won’t pay attention but for the few who will.
Before it is labeled as ‘large’, it would first be called ‘few’ but if you mismanaged the few or are in the habit of going off and on, you will never grow an audience for your brand. God wants you to be influential but He expects you to show up daily!
This principle is the same for businesses as it is for individuals.
Influence is not mass-based, it is individual-based. Pay attention to your one-customer till they become two, ten, hundred, thousands, and millions!
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