Legend’s Reflection 1 – Tragedies

Legend's Reflections 1 -Tragedies
Legend’s Reflection 1 – Tragedies
Legend's Reflections 1 -Tragedies
A few days ago, the news of Victor Olaotan popularly known as Fred Ade-Williams death filled the air. Taking a glimpse at his pictures after the life-defining accident, I could not help but say to myself…
Legend's Reflection 1 - Tragedies Victor Olaotan
“You are only one accident away from becoming something you thought you could never be”
The seeming comfort you enjoy now sometimes gives you the illusion that it can never get worse, like some people you see daily. Let’s call it what it is, an illusion!
One of Nigeria’s richest comedians, Julius Agwu got sick, even though the details are not so public but we can attest to the effect of that single sickness on his career, finance, and probably the things we don’t preview to.
Shame on me if I mentioned these names for spite. They are actually men I have looked up to at different times and wanted to be like them. Their achievements and life’s work will always be a source of inspiration than the tragedies that befell them.
Because this is not supposed to be a long article, let me give you the gem here. You need to think deeply about this thing…
Imagine that Victor Olaotan (Fred Ade-Williams) and Julius Agwu did not give us their best and live their best lives when they could…
Can you take moment to imagine that for a second? Because they have given their best when they had the capacity to, they could exit the stage fulfilled, if they choose to.
Now, look at your own life, take a look at your everyday activities, look at your network, check the quality of your work, see how you spend your time on the job you hate, notice how you are not living for anyone other than yourself and family?
Would your life be satisfactory to you if you had to exit suddenly by force?
I will not leave you without what to do…
  1. Stop wasting time, start living daily. Whatever you do, even on a job you hate, ensure you are living a life or giving your life a deeply satisfying experience.
  2. Give attention to your dreams now. The time you are looking forward to may not meet you in your current state of mind, pocket, and relationships.
  3. Stop looking down on ANYONE’S situation or circumstances. The thinking that your life is better because you have better skills, thinking or wiser is folly. Life can throw you a curveball that turns all your plans/achievements to zero.
  4. Stay humble and give every day. If you can count on your fingers the people you have deliberately impacted or given to, you have wasted time. Time to catch up and be more deliberate with your impact.
Lastly, everything you have now was given to you for the purpose of the world. Your money (yes, the one you are stacking everywhere), your skills, your assets, your relationships, and your environment – Use them to do one thing only – your best life that ensures a deeply satisfying soul daily.
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