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Iyabo Ojo And Paulo – A Love Story



Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo and entertainment mogul Paulo Okoye, known as PaulO, have captured the hearts of many with their romantic relationship.

Their love story is one of unexpected connections, overcoming initial reluctance, and finding joy in companionship.

The Beginning of Their Relationship

Iyabo Ojo and Paulo Okoye’s relationship became public in December 2022 when Iyabo introduced Paulo as her lover on her 45th birthday.


She shared a romantic video compilation on Instagram, showing the couple enjoying various sweet moments together, accompanied by Simi’s song “Complete Me”.

Iyabo Ojo And Paulo Are Dating!

Why I Don’t Want To Get Married Again – Iyabo Ojo

This revelation came as a delightful surprise to many of Iyabo’s fans, who celebrated her newfound happiness.

Initially, Iyabo was hesitant about getting involved with Paulo due to his prominent role in the entertainment industry. She feared that her personal life would be thrust into the public eye.
However, after conducting inquiries and confirming Paulo’s single status, she decided to give the relationship a chance


Who Is Paulo Okoye?

Paulo Okoye, widely known as PaulO, is a notable figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He is the CEO of Upfront & Personal Global Management Consultants, a company managing several top Nigerian artists like Kizz Daniel, Tekno, and Flavour.

Paulo is also the brains behind the One Africa Music Festival, which showcases African music in the diaspora across the US, UK, and UAE.

Public Reactions and Support

The public reception to Iyabo and Paulo’s relationship has been overwhelmingly positive. Fans and colleagues in the entertainment industry have expressed their joy and support for the couple.


Many admired Iyabo’s decision to embrace love again and appreciated the blend of Yoruba and Igbo cultures represented by their union.


Overcoming Challenges

Despite the public support, Iyabo has faced criticism and scrutiny. Some questioned the authenticity of her relationship and speculated about Paulo’s past.

, however, has been transparent about her partner’s background, addressing concerns directly and emphasizing that Paulo was not involved with anyone else when they started dating.


Moving Forward

Iyabo Ojo and Paulo Okoye’s relationship continues to flourish, with both individuals enjoying their time together and supporting each other’s endeavors.

Their love story serves as an inspiring example of finding happiness and companionship against the odds.

In conclusion, the relationship between Iyabo Ojo and Paulo Okoye is a testament to the power of love and the importance of being open to new possibilities.

Their journey together highlights the beauty of overcoming initial doubts and embracing happiness, making them one of the most admired couples in the Nigerian entertainment industry.


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