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Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus blasts Sharon Ooja For Being A 4th Wife



Sharon Ooja’s marriage to Ugo Nwoke has recently sparked significant discussion, particularly due to the revelation that he has been married three times before her.

This information was highlighted in a blog post by Stella Dimoko Korkus, who has been following the developments closely.

Sharon, a popular Nollywood actress, announced her marriage in March 2024 through an Instagram post, expressing her joy and love for her new husband.

Sharon Ooja Traditionally Weds Igbo Chief


She described him as her “Odogwu silencer,” indicating a deep emotional connection and respect for his role in her life.

However, the controversy arose when it was disclosed that Ugo Nwoke had a history of multiple marriages, making Sharon his fourth wife .

Stella Dimoko Korkus’s blog provided detailed insights into Ugo’s past, revealing that his previous marriages ended under various circumstances, raising questions and concerns among Sharon’s fans and the public.

”Dear Sharon Ooja,

I deeply apologise for the story on your being the 4th wife….l should not have numbered you…


I do agree that it was a bad headline and it was the wrong timing.

I deeply apologise for hurting you, it was not my intention and i take responsibility for my actions…

I am doing this Apology because i am truly sorry.

May the love you have found last a lifetime and may you find happiness and Joy in your marriage as every woman deserves……

You are not a person trailed by scandals and i am sorry that i made that happen.


We will celebrate you tomorrow and everyday..

Truly sorry


Despite the controversies, Sharon has remained positive and focused on her new life, choosing to celebrate her union rather than dwell on her husband’s past.

Her social media posts shows her happiness and commitment to making the marriage work, regardless of public opinion and the challenges posed by Ugo’s previous marriages


This situation underscores the complexities and challenges that come with public figures’ relationships, where past histories and public scrutiny can significantly impact their personal lives.

Sharon’s decision to embrace her new role and her husband’s past demonstrates resilience and a strong commitment to her personal happiness and marital success.

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