I Love Him But I Don’t Want To Have Sex With Him

In order to have a successful relationship is love rally enough?

I have a friend who found herself what will widely be regarded as perfect love. All head up with this guy, but does not want to have sex!! The big clause here is that, she is not a virgin which the guy was much aware of. Here comes the big question how do I keep the desire burning? Since the guy in question wants sex, but she doesn’t.

It is very uncommon to be in relationship where one partner doesn’t want to be intimate and feels like they don’t want sex with their partner till whenever.

An active sex life is important to relationship satisfaction to the extent that it’s important to the people in that relationship. In variably, whether not wanting sex will negatively affect someone’s relationship depends entirely on how their partner views their lack of interest.

What can be done to keep the relationship going in this case?

Be vocal about your sexual stand.

Tell him your stand from the beginning, this desire discrepancy is not a you-vs.-them problem; the two of you have to come to a middle point. In the moment, make sure you both feel calm and open. Remind your partner that you love them, and that you have their best interests in mind, both individually and as a couple. Tell your partner why you’d like to stay celibate and the positive impact that you think it will have on your relationship overall.

Process your feelings from a spirit of curiosity, not guilt and selfish desire

Just remember there’s nothing to feel guilty about here. Your partner can wait. Sex should be something you seek out because it feels good to you and makes you happy, and because you enjoy connecting with your partner.

Be open to the outcome.

In conclusion handling sexual discrepancy in relationship is totally dependent on the party involved.

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