How Having Sex Has Become the New Cool

How Having Sex Has Become the New Cool

How Having Sex Has Become the New Cool! 

Almost everyone is having sex. I am not referring to married people. Almost all singles including teenagers are having sex even when they have no business doing it. In this piece, I will attempt to provide you with reasons why sex has become the new cool but the question really is, is it really cool?

These days when two potential lovers meet, they don’t bother asking ‘have you had sex before?’ instead they ask ‘how many people have you had it with?’. I’m not here to comment on the acceptable or unacceptable nature of this but let us put a perspective to the reason why everyone is jumping on this phenomenon, even those who don’t want to. 

Yes, there are many singles who want to be celibate till they get married but many are failing in this quest because of these same reasons.

Societal Induced Pressure (SIP)

From the Nollywood movies to Hollywood movies that you were introduced to, they made it clear that once you meet a partner and you seem interested in yourselves, you should have sex. You hear words like ‘why haven’t you had sex with him?’ as though it is a ritual that saves you from being heartbroken eventually. 

Society already laid the foundation. Then they went on to make it a conquest. When you have done it, you have achieved certain ‘greatness’ and when you can have it with a beautiful or handsome woman or man, you have won a jackpot. You now have bragging rights and since you feed on their approval ratings, you go on a wild chase of sex and eventually lose yourself in the process.

This pressure is usually subtle but it is the driving force for many people who need not have it but are having sex today.

The Need to Be Loved

This is where we need to call a Parents meeting and help them understand that the love their children cannot feel from them, they will seek it in the arms of a man or woman. Many young unmarried people would have remained celibate but for the fact that sex was required to prove their love to their partners. Many of them who already lacked love were willing to give it just to be able to guarantee love from the other person. Sadly, sex has been equated with love but we all know that it’s nothing close to it.

Sex will continue to be the new cool until young people learn to love themselves and get unconditional love from their parents and family.

Sexual Urge is Real

Starting from the first time you have sexual encounter, it becomes difficult to stay off it especially with the one you desire. This urge is scientific and the only language sexual emotion understands is caution. When you don’t want to have sex, don’t try to smell it. By kissing, smooching, watching porn, watching sexual scenes in movies and being in a lonely place with the one you have a connection with, you are simply throwing caution to the wind. When caution is gone, what happens is sex.

If your answer is the latter, society will kill you. They will determine your man’s d*ck size, your woman’s sexual orientation. You will become a pervert and you will look back at your life many years (if you are lucky) from now and still won’t be able to remember who you really are because the real you was lost in transit (in the process).

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