Four bad habits that can push your partner away


Bad habits

It takes a lot of efforts from both parties to make a relationship work and last but it becomes more difficult when we start to show some annoying and toxic behaviors that push our partners away. When such behaviors occur infrequently, they are controllable but when it comes up at every point in time, it can destroy your relationship. Sometimes when you annoy your partner by what you say or do, you might be unaware of the harm you are causing. No one likes to be with a toxic partner. We all want that special person that will give us the peace of mind and happiness
that we deserve.

This article entails four bad habits that can push your partner away.

1. Lack of empathy to emotional distress

When your partner is experiencing emotional discomfort and you fail to show sympathy or understanding, it can be sad and heartbreaking. We want to be able to turn to the one we love for support and compassion when the going gets tough and when they fail to do so on a regular basis, the unsupported partner is likely to withdraw and seek emotional fulfillment elsewhere

2. Too much criticism

When one partner constantly expresses small dissatisfactions and complaints, it can be demoralizing for the other. They may feel as if they cannot do anything right to please the partner and as a result they may drift emotionally.

3. Allowing jealousy to take over

When you love someone, then you  should trust them completely. Doubting your partner can affect the progress of your relationship. You start to feel insecure and question every movement of your partner which can result to you nagging. When you start to nag, your partner might lose interest in the relationship and then you end up pushing them away.

4. Failing to find resolution

Conflict is an inevitable part of a relationship, and learning to respectfully disagree with our partners allow us to grow. Sweeping things under the rug, refusing to talk about your problems, or simply acting as if everything is fine can lead to the destruction of your relationship.


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