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Compromise In A Relationship – 5 Ways To Do It



Compromise in a relationship is everything. Everyone is different and so for a relationship to avoid conflict as much as possible it is important to come to a compromise with your partner on a consistent basis.

This is a skill that needs to be learnt. It can help you untangle yourself from sticky situations in your relationship.

You and your partner get to make decisions without hurling insults at each of her or bickering back and forth. There are lots of ways compromise can show up in a relationship, let’s explore 5 major ways compromise can be seen in a relationship .

Making Family Plans

In a relationship, each partner has a family and it’s easy to one to prioritize one’s own family over the other. It’s even made worse by the families butting head s in the relationship shin and wanting to steer them in different directions.


This can be seen in important holidays like Christmas time, birthdays, thanksgiving etc. it can be a frustrating time for the parties involved, however, a good fix for it is basically reaching a good and healthy compromise.

You can decide to spend some holidays with your partners family and the other remaining holidays with your own family. The ability to do this successfully means you were able to reach a healthy compromise with your partner.


Sex is one of the major arguments held in a relationship.

How many times should you be having sex? What should you be doing when having sex? Is it good enough?

This can be a situation that can build resentment on both parties involved in the relationship.


It’s important to talk things over with your partner regarding your sex life with them.

Be open and honest, tell them all the thing you do not feel comfortable about concerning your present sex life with them and allow them also air there opinions.

Look for ways  to make the experience better for your partner and Vice versa. It is completely achievable to have a better sex life based on a good compromise.

If it something that cannot be resolved based on just talking things out, you can always visit a couple therapy for more quality insights.

Love Language

No matter this deeply in love you’re with your partner, it’s very possible that they might not be speaking the love language that you understand and vibe versa.


People have different love languages and will continue to act based on it unless told otherwise.

If you do not feel comfortable with your partner love language, then be comfortable enough to reveal it to them. Tell them what you want and understand more, at the same time be open to hearing what they have to say about your love language to them and be willing to work and change it if they do not understand it.


Money is important in a relationship. Let’s not act or pretend like it isn’t.

It is also one of the major reasons many relationships break up.

In a relationship, a major goal is to make sure that you and your partner does not feel burdened by each others financial expenses.


A compromise is perfect especially when paying some major bills in the case that  you’re sharing the same space with your partner and have to see them every single day. In this case, a conversation needs to defintely heard about finances.

Argument Style

Just like everyone has a love language, every one also has a style of argument. People argue in different ways, and your idea of what an argument should look like can look totally different from the idea your pertinent thinks it should look like.

One person’s idea of good argument is to talk about things immediately it happens and get it over with, another persons idea might be to wait a moment after something happens and then talk about it when they’re more settled.

Remember, arguments are not necessarily bad, you just have to remind yourself to keep them healthy.

It is important that during a compromise, at no point in time should it ever turn to become a bitter fight, it should always be reached with calmness and thoughtfulness. If at any point in time you and your partner begin to have heated conversations while reaching a compromise, then it’s best you take a step back and bounce back later when the heat has settled.


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