Common things that men find unattractive in a woman

common things men find unattractive in a woman

common things men find unattractive in a woman

There is a saying that men are moved by what they see. This saying is mostly true because the first thing that attracts a man to a woman is the physical appearance before some other attributes are put into consideration.

Here is a compilation of common things that men find attractive in a woman

  1. Inability to dress well

Naturally, men are attracted to women that know how to dress well. You don’t have to wear the most expensive clothe or shoe. It’s not about what you wear but how you wear it. Women who don’t have a good dress sense are not appealing to men.

  1. Inability to make healthy conversation

Men are not just attracted to beauty, they are also attracted to intelligence. Men find women that cannot hold a conversation unattractive. They develop interest in women that are fun to talk to and give their opinions on a particular topic of discussion.

  1. Excessive makeup

Although it seems like men are not into women that wear makeup because of those that use it excessively. A simple and classy makeup attracts a man but when it is in excess and it becomes a rainbow this puts them off.

  1. Low self esteem

Confidence makes a woman automatically attractive. A confident woman is a show stopper and gets the attention of men anytime. Men like women that are confident and believe in themselves. A woman who is timid and isn’t sure of what she wants is unattractive to a man.

  1. Nagging

If there is anything men find very unattractive, it is definitely nagging. Men do not like women that nag. It’s okay when a woman complains about something she doesn’t like but when the complain becomes too much and overbearing, it puts a man off

In conclusion, a beautiful woman without a beautiful attitude becomes unattractive to a man.

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