Augusta And John – From Twitter To Forever

Augusta And John

For Augusta and John, their connection was immediate one. Sometimes, people need time and some years together for their feelings to generate, however for these two love birds, they fell in love with each other almost immediately.

Augusta And John

How Did They Meet?

Augusta And John met for the first time back in 2019 through a mutual friend. They both had an attraction to each other and even teased themselves with the name tag “husband and wife”. At the time, it was a normal joke between two people who just met unknown to them that it will generate into a life long commitment.

Bella Naija In an  intimate Interview with Augusta, revealed in her own words

“John and I met in December 2019 through a mutual friend. On meeting him it was love at first sight. I called him my husband and he called me his wife jokingly while we hugged and laughed. We didn’t know God had his plans.

We kept talking for about a month and one day he asked are we going to make this official? Of course, I said why not after one month of bliss. We Dated for about 2 years till he popped the question on Thanksgiving of 2021. It has been a beautiful journey and we pray for more beautiful memories.”

It’s been almost 3 years since the love birds met and they are now engaged and ready to walk down the aisle to cement their commitment.

Feed your eyes with the  stunning pre wedding photos of the love birds.

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