Friendship To Forever – Helen And Brendan’s Love Story

Helen and Brandon’s love story began  at the best place ever; the Church.

Their relationship started off very slowly. It was not love at first sight but rather a slow building friendship. When Helen met Brandon for the first time in church and he had asked for her number, she waited for his call but it never came in after nearly two weeks.

The next time she saw him, she had proceeded to question him on his reasons for not calling her. He had asked for her number a second time and after four days, he called her. This was the beginning of a friendship that will stretch till forever.

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Helen have a brief narration of their relationship till marriage.

In her words, she said

“We spent a lot of time in our first year of knowing each other going on ‘friendly dates’ lol. We knew instantly that we had lots of chemistry, a shared love of God, and similar interests and that we were well-suited. I mean, I’m a doctor and he’s an accountant turned engineer (every African parent’s dream lol), but we wanted to do things right. I was in my late 20s, and he was in his early 30s, so we wanted to be as intentional as possible with the relationship.”

“The goal was to get married- not just for the sake of a fun wedding, but for a God-ordained and successful marriage.”

The cute couple got married traditionally in Helen’s state of origin; Adamawa State.

After their stunning traditional wedding, they also went all out to celebrate their white wedding.

Helen looked absolutely gorgeous in her bridal gown while Brendan looked dapper in his suit and tie.

they went on to celebrate their love in grand style with a beautiful wedding reception.  Helen was such an exquisite bride in her two looks for the day and Brendan came through dapper as well.

Feed your eyes with some of their beautiful pictures below,

Helen And BrandonHelen and brandon

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