Again? Daniella Gets Intimate With Khalid Under The Duvet

Big Brother Naija Season 7 ‘Level Up’ housemates, Daniella and Khalid on the early morning of August 3, were seen having a nice time under the sheets.

This is the second time that the love birds have been intimate under the duvets.

We do not know for certain what went down but the possible rumors hints at a make out session rather than sex.


The lovebirds who became official on Saturday Night after the BBN party, were filmed “cuddling” close to each other.

Amaka, another season 7 “Level Up” housemate, watched them from the corner of her bed. The duo seemed to be lost in the moment and their feelings for each other.

Remember Khalid has confirmed to Big Brother in his diary session that he is happy to be in a relationship with Daniella.

Amaka and Phyna on the other hand have had a conversation about some missing condoms in the house.

“Na all of them, then they knack for this house using the condom. Who is using the condom? Who is using the condom? Who dey use the condom?” Phyna shouted.

The goof balls could very possible be joking about that but, I guess we will never know.

Daniella and Khalid’s romantic relationship has gotten quite the buzz on social media, especially on Twitter, the gossip spot of social media.

Khalid was also recently nominated for possible eviction, and we saw Daniella in tears during the emotional moment.

Maybe the stress of the game is getting to them and they need to establish a stability in their budding relationship.

Is this a situation that will keep repeating itself? We do not know.

We however know that they are two young adults and are free to do whatever they want to.

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