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7 Clear Signs Your Partner Is Cheating On You



Are they cheating or am I just paranoid?

The dreaded question we all hate to ask. You feel it in your guts that they, you see the distance that is gradually being created and you watch the smile more often on their phone. They tell you it’s nothing, just a business trip, and that you’re overreacting.

You’re left with your thoughts running wild, Are they cheating on you or are your imaginations running wild?

These 7 Signs Will Let You Know If They Are Cheating On You

They Accuse You Of Cheating

If they  are frequently accusing you of cheating, this may be a sign of their insecurities and the fact that they’re actually the one cheating on you,”

Inconsistent Emotions

This may sound odd or even paranoid, but sometimes when your partner, who has been annoyed and angry with you for a while, mysteriously becomes nice and apologetic, they may actually be cheating on you,” Why? Because they’re “acting out their anger, frustration, and disappointment with you by seeing someone else, which then turns into guilt with you,” she explains.

They Pay Less Attention To Sex

If you feel a shift in romantic energy or if they just don’t seem interested in having sex with you anyway this could be because they’re getting it somewhere else. This is especially true if you share an Intense sex life with your partner previously.

They Dress Differently

Your partner doesn’t need an excuse for making a lil extra effort in the clothes department, but if they are going all-out on nicer outfits for no apparent reason, it could be a sign you’re being cheated on.

Their Friends Are Not As Friendly As They Used to

Cheaters tend to be less careful about covering their tracks in front of friends versus you. And, of course, people tend to confide in their friends. As a result, “there is a good chance your partner’s friends may know what’s really going on before you do,” Those friends may end up feeling uneasy and anxious around you because they know something you don’t.

Their phone habits change

This can include a range of things, like changing their password or keeping their phone on them all the time when they used to leave it sitting out.


These changes are indicative of the deception that cheating always involves and therefore are strong signs of cheating,” Anytime someone starts to ‘hide’ things, it is cause for questioning.

They Suddenly Gift You More

Of course, loving partners give gifts. But cheaters take this to the next level to cover their tracks. It can be a way of reassuring you that they love you and are devoted to you “so that any subtle sign of cheating the partner uncovers can be readily dismissed as something ‘they would never do,’” he says.

Conclusively, If your partner is exhibiting any or all of these signs, there’s a good chance he’s cheating on you. Keep it honest and open; Al’s him.

There is no certainty to it though so, always pay attension to all the details before making a final decision.

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