5 Reasons Why She is Losing Interest in You

She's losing interest

Judging by the amount of time and resources you’ve put into this relationship, I know it’s a great heartbreak that you’ve got to know that she is slowly losing interest. 

The good thing is that if your choice of a girl was right in the first place, knowing the following 5 reasons why she is losing interest in you can help you work out your relationship.

1. You don’t have her time

Many ladies love attention. The more time you dedicate to her, the better your chances of getting the most out of her. I think you know this already, but your work right? Yeah, I feel you bro.

Unfortunately, she does not. Make it right.

2. You’re stingy

A closed fist is a turn off for most ladies. When was the last time you surprised her with a cash gift or a nice treat? When?

Understandably, the economy is stingy itself. Regardless, there are certain kind gestures that you and I know wouldn’t hurt your bank account. But you don’t do it. She will lose interest in you, bruv!

3. You’re no longer who wooed her

How did you look when you first asked her out? What about your over-the-moon acts of kindness and gentility? Have they changed? Are there things you used to do before that for some reason you no longer do? 

That is a possible reason why she’s losing interest in you: you stopped being who she fell for. To you, you might think, well, what’s the big deal in an extra layer of stomach? The big deal is that, the more you begin to become a stranger in physic and character towards her, the more you become less pleasing to her. 

And God forbids there another man lurking.

4. She no longer trust you

The moment you give her a reason to doubt your trust, that’s the moment your relationship hit an iceberg. 

If you’ve done hurtful things in the past: thievery, adultery, two-timing, these are huge indicators that you two might just be fluttering on a thin line.

And perhaps you’ve begged and apologized. The truth is that it takes the grace of God to regain trust when lost.

5. She has found some else

It will be wrong to assume she found someone better than you. No man is better than another. But, you can bet that her sudden loss of interest in you might be because she has found someone who has or does something she loves that you don’t. 

At this point, it can be difficult to reclaim what is yours, sorry.


There is no reason to become saddened if your lady ticks any or all of these points. All you need to do now is to brace up and strategize. No man should win your woman away just like that!


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