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4 Major Signs Your Partner Is Tolerating You Instead Of Loving You



There’s a very huge line between tolerating someone and actually loving them.

We tolerate people when we have no other choice but to love someone genuinely feels  so much more different.

Most times in a relationship or marriage, a partner might begin to get really tired of being in the relationship but they might be scared to break things off because they don’t want to hurt anyone.

If you’ve found yourself wondering if your partner really loves you or if they’re just tolerating you, you’re at the right place.

As bittersweet as finding out the truth might be for you, you need to hear it.


These 4 Signs Prove Your Partner Is Tolerating You

They have zero Interest in your personal life. You and your partner might be living together and even sleeping on the same bed, but, that does not mean they will know details of your personal life.

Ask yourself this question; when was the last time your partner sat you down for a chat to get to know what’s going in your life?

Your partner should be your best friend. They should always be curious to know what happens at work, with your friends and just with you in general.

If they’ve stopped doing that, that could be a sure sign that they’re just tolerating you and have no interest in being with you anymore.


They Stop Giving You Compliments

When you started to date your partner, I’m pretty sure they used to compliment you.

It could be the tiniest compliment over your looks, personality or something rather abstract.

When was the last time they complimented you?

Complimenting someone can be a sign of continued interest. It also means that you are still being noticed and seen.


When your partner stops complimenting you no matter what you do or how you like, this could very well mean that they’re no longer as into you as they used to and are just tolerating you now.

They’ll always be critical of you

When you don’t love someone anymore, everything  they do might stray to irritate you.

No matter how great they act, it will be hard to be satisfied with them.

You’re most likely to pick them apart and things that would normally not get to you, would start getting to you.


If your partner has fallen out of love for you, they might begin to criticize everything you do even situations tht at are not your fault in the slightest.

Love is really patient, because what’s left when there’s no love is zero tolerance.

They Make You Feel Like You’re Not Enough

A person who does not love you anymore will hardly give you kudos for a job well done. They will also highlight your misgivings and make you feel like you’re not worth it.

They might even look for ways to humiliate you and constantly pay you no attention when you really need them.


All of these can make you feel belittled and can impact your self confidence long term.

When these defining things start to happen, you have to learn to chose yourself.

Do things that make you happy. Focus your energy on yourself. Stop seeking validation from people who don’t even see you.

Most importantly, if things become too much for you to bear, remember you have the free will to walk away from that relationship or situation.

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