10 Do’s and Don’ts For Grooms to Be

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Few days back we shared Tomike Adeoye’s 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Brides to Be, it was an interesting read and today, we will be sharing 10 Do’s and Dont’s for grooms to be. Most grooms tend to feel unbothered about their big day as the attention is focused on the bride. The groom should also be as involved as the bride as it is both their big day.

Interestingly, some of the do’s and don’ts for brides to be are also applicable here but for clarity sake, we will point them out from the groom’s angle. Hence, the following are 10 commandments for grooms to be.

1. Don’t say Yes to Everything.

Your bride will table so many things at your feet because she will want the dayto go according to the picture she has in her head about how the day should look like. She will come with the brands she wants to work with, the event centre she wants, the event planner she wants, the vendors she wants and so on. Not just her, your friends and relatives will come with their list as well. But learn to weight them well before you concur. Make sure it is what the family can afford so as to avoid running into debt after the day.

2.  Select your Best Man/ Groom men with Care.

No matter how calm you are, there is a high tendency that you are going to be nervous on your wedding day. Hence, you need people who can calm you down, hype you and make you feel good. Not men that will make you get to church late and keep your bride waiting. Or men that will get you angry on your wedding day, you don’t need that kind of energy on your day. So get the right men that will gas you up and lighten your day.

wedding entrace

3. Plan

We cannot overemphasise this, plan plan plan. Get everything planned out, do not procrastinate what you have to do, do them when you should get them done. While your bride and her girls are planning out their Aso Ebi styles and how they plan to slay during the day, you and your men should plan your designs, when to pick up your suit and so on. Plan your vendors, your designer, do not leave any note untouched.

4. Practice your Toast/Vow

It is always sweet when grooms read their vow without holding the script, making it seem as though it is unscripted. Even if you cannot practice to heart and you want to read, practice it still so that you do not come and start stammering or missing your lines. Practice your speech and give us that sweet heartfelt vibe.

5. Pay attention to your bride

Do not get caught up with the activitivities of the day that you forget your bride. You do not want to get back home and your wife starts nagging that you did not pay attention to her. Compliment her, peck her when she is not expecting it, make sure she eats, make sure your hand is not far away from hers.

6.  Make it special with a gift

It is beautiful to surprise your bride with a gift on the big day, she will definitely be blown away. Get something thoughtful, do not break the bank trying to do this, make sure it is something thoughtful and within your budget.

7. Plan the Honeymoon

Do not just plan the wedding, plan the honeymoon as well. The wedding plan takes a whole lot on the bride and groom. Hence it is essential to plan and save for the honeymoon where you can have a time alone with your wife and enjoy qulaity time and everything that it is.

8. Avoid too much Alcohol

You would not want to get drunk on your wedding day and become a nuisance. Do not think taking alcohol will make you calm and heal you from being nervous. Watch your intake and if you can avoid it, please do.

9. Get Familiar with the Bride’s family Tradition

Diffrent tribe has different marriage rites. Make sure you are familiar with the family traditions so that you do not ger frustrated at the end of the day.

10. Enjoy it

It is your big day, it is the day you share vows and look into the eyes of that perosn you wnat to share the rest of your life with. Make it count, enjoy it, be happy and have fun.

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