Tomike Adeoye’s 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Brides to Be

Tomike Adeoye’s 10 Do’s and Don’ts For Brides to Be

Wedding day comes with a whole lot of task and preparation. It is the big day for two people but it takes a whole village to bring it to life. Today, we are going to share ten do’s and don’ts for brides to be in preparation for their wedding day. We definitely did not forget the groom, we will talk about them in part two of this post but today, we came for the brides to be.

Almost all the time, the brides to be are the most pressured during the pre-wedding and wedding process as the wedding day is mostly tagged as their day. This is an anti-malaria dose to brides to prevent them from being tensed on their big day. Tomike Adeoye in one of her vlogs sent a message to brides to be after her wedding day, they are highlighted below.

1. Get an event planner

As said earlier, it takes a whole village to plan the big day of the couple and if care is not taken, so many people will want to suggest what and what to be done, vendors that should be at your wedding and so on. It is essential that brides get an event planner that would coordinate the event so as not to have a rowdy and unplanned event.

2. Get yourself a makeup artist

Looking good is a great investment for brides on their wedding day. Some brides get discouraged at makeup artist pricing and tend to settle for less which mostly comes out horrible. Try as much as possible to look good because it is a day event that you will forever feed on its memory.

3. Beware of portable rechargeable fans

Rechargeable fans are used by ladies to keep their faces dry against heat. A lot of brides use this as well and it comes out in all their pictures.  I am sure you do not want to keep explaining to people why you have a fan in all your pictures and videos. Avoid it as much as you can. The best way to solve this is to get a hall that has good AC that would keep the place cool. The fan is not part of your outfit and you should not allow it to ruin your pictures.

4. Don’t be rude

A lot of brides because they are the bride, tend to carry the title on their head. Hence, they become rude and bossy. Please do not be that kind of bride, smile, be friendly, respond to greetings, don’t disrespect anyone. Be as nice as possible because you will still have to relate to these people after the wedding, don not because of one day ruin your relationship with people.

5. Surround yourself with good/ positive people

It is a day where disagreement is bound to happen and it can rub off on the bride to be sad. That is why it is essential to get yourself surrounded by good people with positive vibes, friends that will hype you to smile to dance, and to be happy.

6. Do what you can afford

Do not exceed your budget, do what you can afford. Cut your coat not according to your size but according to your material. A lot of people will suggest to you what should be present at your wedding, if you can afford to and it makes you happy, go ahead. If not, please kindly turn down the suggestion, nobody will come and suffer with you in your matrimonial home.

7. Do not procrastinate

Do what you have to do at the right time, do not save for later. It will pile up and you will become tense which is not good for your physical health.

8. Everybody must not be at your wedding

It is better to have a moderate wedding with a few people than to have a crowded wedding. Issues like insufficient food will arise and that is not a good image for your wedding. If you feel some people are not important enough to be at your wedding, please do not invite them. Cut crowd and serve the invited ones better.

9. Set your priorities right

Misplaced priority will lead to buying things or getting services that are not so important for the big day. Set your priorities right. If pictures and videography are important to you, go for it. You do not have to impress anyone, there is no award for having the best wedding.

10. Pray

It is important that you pray about the day. We hope these ten do’s and don’ts for brides to be were helpful. Remember, do not pressurize yourself, smile and enjoy your big day.

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