These are the fatal mistakes you should never make during s3x

These are the fatal mistakes you should never make during s3x

Never make these fatal mistakes when having sex

To many lovers, sex is a big deal. It is that one thing many see eye to eye on and it has got to be pleasurable with so many layers of spices to be added to it. There are fatal mistakes many people make when having sex. Most times when sex is ruined in a relationship somethings tend to go south from there. That said,

Here is a list of things (fatal mistakes) you should never do when having sex:

1. Receiving Calls or messages

We get it, you can multi-task but do you know what else? No one wants you doing that during sex. How about you focus on satisfying your partner and be satisfied in return besides what’s sex all about if it isn’t for satisfaction. Pick up the pace or pick up the phone… your choice.

2. Failure to Spice things up

If you are given an oral job, be ready to pay back. Also, if you happen to cum earlier, do not leave your partner unattended. Ensure they also climax through other ways besides penetration.

3. Farting during sex

This is the first step to losing one’s self esteem. Some find it hard to even fart outside the playground but farting in the playing field when all you are supposed to be doing is making sure things are going right might be a huge turn off and at the end of the day ruin something special.  

4. Falling asleep

How dare you? I mean sometimes sex can be boring and this sometimes stems from fatigue, worry, disinterest, anger, confusion and so many things but you’d rather not start it that fall asleep trust me it has landed some men losing their rods. There is no excuse in falling asleep during sex. Never ever

5. Calling another person’s name

You just might want to shut your mouth if you are a talker during sex so as to avoid saying something you will regret. Do you know what is worse than falling asleep or entering the wrong hole? It is calling someone else’s name while having sex with your partner. There’s absolutely no excuse for this error you might as well just end it all.

6. Crying

Sometimes, women get so hysterical during love making that they even cry. Please hold back those tears and preserve them for some other sad occasion. Crying will only put him off since he may be worried that he hurt you.

7. Getting the holes wrong.

We get it, we are humans and humans make mistakes however, there is a mistake that will raise many eyebrows and question who you are. Getting the holes to stick it in is one of those mistakes that will make your partner question which holes you have been entering. It’s different if you both agree to anal sex but when you miss the correct hole and make it to the back hole.. Boy better be ready to confuse her with the best sex of her life.

8. Dry penetration

Don’t be stingy enough to dwell into her honeypot without making sure she’s just as ready as you are. It is inhumane to going dry knowing the size of your trunk most especially. Nobody wants a turn coochie to swim in.

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