Four Most Powerful Words That Can Heal Any Marriage

Four Most Powerful Words That Can Heal Any Marriage

The Four Most Powerful Words That Can Heal Any Marriage

We cannot deny that many relationships and marriages are merely a shadow of themselves. Over time we have come to realize that the perfect couple image being displayed on social media can turn out to be a scam.
Many are crying more than they are smiling. Some don’t bother crying anymore because they are now indifferent. Once in a while they reminisce over what could have been in their marriage but before they get to the point of emotionally breaking down, they quickly call their emotions to order. 

Many Marriages Need Healing

Living together only makes you housemates, not life partners. Being life partners is taking daily deliberate steps to live peacefully and happily with each other – going on and enjoying the journey of life together.

How many marriages can boast of this fact? The woman is going on her journey while the man is going on his. They sometimes care less what the other is going through on that journey. This is why many marriages need healing; we need to be restored to the purpose of marriage again.

Purpose of marriage – to be helpmates to each other. If it’s about helping you, I will be making you happy and vice versa. Should these marriages embrace the power of these four most powerful words that can heal any marriage? Healing would come to them naturally.

Conflict and Disagreement are constant

It is pretentious and arrogant of you to think conflict won’t arise or disagreement won’t happen. The funny thing about marriage is that most conflict arise from irrelevant things like how the other person use toothpaste, how the other person was driving, innocent words interpreted differently, or how to discipline a child. 

There are hundreds of things that can cause conflict and disagreement but when you understand the power of these four most powerful words, you can both move on from every conflict almost in an instant.

Unending Malice and Continuous Anger

It’s amusing to see couples who live in the same house and sometimes sleep on the same bed keep malice for weeks. This is a habit we should have left for the older generation. 

It is childish and self-damaging for the two of you to have stood in front of the whole world, declare your love to each other, declare your vows, and say ‘I do’. Then, for you to forget all that vows and confession over an issue the four most powerful words could have resolved.

I am Sorry – The Three Magic Words

When issues arise and it continues to drag, one party summon the courage to say ‘Sorry’ or ‘I am sorry’. The problem with this is that it is often not enough as it is said not from a sincere place but from a place of avoidance. 
When we want to avoid our punishments, our wrongdoings or even the need for the other person to make a demand on us, we throw in ‘I am Sorry’ just to get off the hook. 

Afterward, we do the same thing again and again and our ‘I am sorry’ no longer mean anything to our spouse anymore. 

The Four Most Powerful Words That Can Heal Any Marriage

After all else has failed, you need to say these four words but beyond saying them, you need to act on them. The four most powerful words that can heal any marriage is I AM ‘TRULY’ SORRY with ‘truly’ being the most important word there. 

Don’t apologize when you know you will repeat the same thing. It’s better to be known for it than to consistently make the other person look like a fool. 
TRULY in this four most powerful words is your ability to make the other person see your sincerity of heart and commitment to making the needed effort for your marriage. 

Wondering where to start your healing process from? Send an email, SMS, DM, Whatsapp message (all at the same time) to your spouse saying ‘I AM TRULY SORRY’.

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