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When Should You End A Toxic Relationship?



Humans. We love to lie ourselves. This is especially true when a part of us does not want to agree that something we love is bad for us.

It can be hard to co to leave  a toxic relationship especially when you’re still in love with them.

I have decided to help you make a decision quicker which will be beneficial to you in the long run.

These are some defining moments in your toxic relationship that should make you head out of it immediately;


If it has become emotionally abusive;

Toxic relationship

Emotional abuse happens in different ways. It is also one of the most subtle and most silent forms of abuse so often times, people do not really talk about it enough.

It can take a toll on your emotional well being and you will be unable to concentrate in real life.

If you begin to feel that your relationship is reducing you to a complete emotional mess, then you should leave immediately.

Worse still, if you somehow manage to communicate your feelings to your partner and you’re still left feeling that way, then you should definitely leave.

Things like ignoring you, inflicting painful words at you, not showing you enough affection as a form of punishment for a wrong doing are all signs of emotional abuse.


These behaviors might not look dangerous at first but in the long term they can completely damage  you.

If it has become Physically abusive;

Bolt! That’s the only thing you should be doing when you experience physical abuse in your relationship.

Physical abuse is not only when your partner inflicts a large blow on you, things like a light shove on the shoulder during arguments or a slight pull at your hair can also be considered physical abuse.

Any physical touch that is unwanted and your partner still indulges it  knowing your stance is physical abuse.

Physical abuse, when encouraged can lead to devastating consequences for the the victim and sometimes can even lead to death. No relationship is worth that.


A person who physically abused you is not someone you should ever think of being with in the long or short term. In simple terms, run for the hills immediately.

If it has become Mentally Abusive;

Just like emotional abuse, mental abuse can take a huge toll on you mental health. If your mental state is degenerating while in a relationship with someone you love, then it’s best you leave them completely or at least till significant issues are sorted out.

While mental health is so dangerous is because it affects the way you look at life generally. Poor mental health leads you a step closer to depression. And depression if left untreated can encourage suicidal thoughts.

One major form of mental abuse that is easy to detect is controlling partners. They want to control your every move and gate-keep your whereabouts to people around you including your family at some point.

Once you notice that your partner is being mentally abusive, you should immediately leave them.


If You Feel Deep Unhappiness 

If you can’t remember the last time you had a good laugh or felt genuine happiness in your relationship, then you definitely shouldn’t be in that relationship.

There’s no need being in a situation that does not serve you anymore.

The main reason people get into relationship is because of how great it feels, if it has stopped feeling great, then maybe it’s really time to leave for your own well-being.

Some emotions that can be attributed to unhappiness include anxiety, loneliness, constant anger, fear, sadness etc If you find yourself constantly feeling these emotions, then you have to walk away from it.

Low Self Esteem

Chipping away at people’s self esteems is one  major feature of being in a toxic relationship.  It’s hard to be worth something when you’re in a space where you’re constantly being put down, belittled, and completely slighted .


If you are not careful you might start to believe the painful words aimed at you and over time you can turn into an insecure person who is always second guessing everything.

You should walk away from that toxic relationship before it completely crushes your spirit and self confidence in yourself.

So, there you have it, the major things that should make you run for the hills in your relationship. While it is normal to experience relationship troubles from time to time, it is not okay for your relationship to be constantly riddled with unhappy moments that consistently drains you. 

You should never have to entertain a relationship that brings you nothing but bad energy. Remember; there is always an option.  You always have  an option of walking away.

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