This Is How The Late TB Joshua Met His Wife

TB Joshua

TB Joshua is one of the most famous pastors not just in Nigeria but in Africa in general. He passed away  in 2021 sadly and currently his wife Evelyn Joshua has taken over his ministry.

It is so easy to separate a man of God from romantic love but TB Joshua and Evelyn Joshua have a cute love story.

Even though, he’s not present on earth, his memories and impact in the world in general is unforgettable.

Evelyn Joshua opens up about her marriage with TB Joshua and how they met.

TB Joshua

She narrated tat TB Joshua had proposed to her 45 minutes after they met. She reveals how he wooed her.

In her words

“Twenty three years ago, I visited a sister somewhere at Ikotun-Egbe, and, then they were talking about a particular man, a prophet to be precise. It was a kind of meeting to be precise. And it’s like everybody in that gathering, or at least half of the people in the room, had actually visited him.”

“So, they were saying a lot of good things about him. I was thrilled. At the end of the whole thing, I called a sister outside and asked whether she could take me to the prophet. I didn’t ask to go there out of curiosity. I actually needed a guide at that point in time.”

Before then, she had not told him anything about herself and she was shocked when they both started talking and he revealed a lot of things about her that nobody else knew.

He told her about her family, her future, past and present.

They spent about 45 minutes chatting with each other and at the end of the conversation he asked her in Yoruba

“Please, don’t be annoyed. Don’t think this is how I talk to everyone that comes to me. I don’t have a concubine, and I don’t want to have a concubine. But can you marry me?”

Evelyn Joshua narrated that they both looked at each for a long period of time and even though it was a very strange thing for him to say, she realized that it was an order from the jolt spirit.

In her words she says

“It was strange, but that gives us an insight into what the Scripture says that the Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. I think that was it. That was how I met him. Some months later, I asked him why he thought it was right seeing a lady for the first time and going on to propose to her. He said he had seen me four days before that very day.”

The pair courted and eventually got married to each other paying attention to the instructions from the holy spirit and knowing fully well that their Union was one pre-ordained from God.

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