Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

Seyi Shay has raised different speculations about being engaged without an actual wedding ceremony.

We can’t help but wonder if this time, she isn’t pulling our legs. 

Who is Seyi Shay?

Oluwaseyi Deborah Oderere Joshua is a British-Nigerian singer-songwriter and actress.

The Story of Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

She was rumoured to be pregnant after she was seen on a TikTok video rubbing a baby bump in December 2021.  Some people believe that it is just her creating awareness for her album while others feel she is pregnant because of how real it looked. 

When asked in an interview about her pregnancy news, she answered by saying everyone would know after 9 months as she doesn’t know. 

Seyi Shay Past Relationships and Engagements

First Engagement (2019)

Unlike so many celebrities, Seyi Shay has succeeded In keeping her relationships private. We will give her accolades for that. She once stated that she and her ex broke their engagement in 2019 because they couldn’t settle on their wedding arrangements and he cheated on her. She said this when she appeared on her fellow female artist Simi, YouTube show ‘Stoopid sessions’ in 2019. When asked whether she was capable of being in a monogamous relationship, the singer said that she has what it takes. She said;

“I actually got engaged last year. People that I am. I actually got engaged last year. People that knew, knew, right? I had my ring on and everything – people thought it was a fashion ring or something but it was actually an engagement ring. A few months later, we broke up.” 

Of course, she was asked why they broke up and she said,

“We were already arguing about the whole wedding; there is a lot of stress when you are planning a wedding and I think somewhere in that process, our relationship started to break down. Eventually, anyway, he was cheating on me and I found out because I walked in on the situation. I really wish I didn’t have to. So, the reason I decided and agreed to get married to this person is that I have a certain opinion on marriage. I don’t believe in the typical generalization of marriage. I don’t believe in that whole western type of ceremony or marriage – It is much deeper than that. Marriage to me is a bit more spiritual. It is much deeper than that. There is a type of glory that marriage gives you and your relationship as a woman or man and that is beyond the contract or the things you say to each other or the number of people in the ceremony.”

Seyi stated that marriage is more for her…it’s spiritual and it’s deeper unlike the normal western marriages and that’s why she chose to marry the unknown man only for her to walk in and find him pants down without another woman. She said that when she is in a relationship she is very committed and would give her partner her all. 

The highlight of her episode on Simi’s show was when she said she doesn’t mind her husband having multiple side chicks. 

“I would actually be cool with my man having ‘chicks’. I will be cool so long as they are ‘chicks’, not one. Because if he has one on the side, he is going to fall in love. But if there are ‘chicks’ and he is doing his thing, I’m his number one, clearly and in every way. He doesn’t have to tell me about it so long as we have that conversation in the beginning.”

The singer added that as long as both parties communicate with each other and they have stated what they want and what they don’t want then everybody is good to go but she can’t cheat on her partner. 

2nd Engagement

On Tuesday the 18th of January 2022 in an interview on ‘Morning Rush Show’ on Beat FM, Seyi revealed that she was engaged and her relationship was going smoothly even adding that the man was the reason for her glow.  Still, she kept us in the dark regarding her fiance and flaunted her diamond ring.

Pregnancy Announcement

The singer finally announced her pregnancy in her music video from the Big Girl album. She was seen at the last few seconds of the video with her baby bump. 

The Story of Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

Who Has Seyi Shay Been Paired With In The Past?
Seyi Shay and Vector

The two co-starred in the Nollywood movie, Lara and the beat.

The Story of Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

Vector is also a musician. He is a Nigerian rapper. The chemistry between the both of them in the movie was so real that people believed they were really in a relationship. Seyi debunked the news stating that Vector is her very good friend and that he was the first friend she made in the Nigerian music industry. She added that he was also the reason why she stayed back in Nigeria and he helped her understand Nigerian Music. 

The Story of Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

Seyi Shay Welcomes Child 

The Story of Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

On Friday the 22nd of April, 2022 Seyi Shay welcomed a baby girl after keeping everybody on their toes for 9 months.

The Story of Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

She says that she’s so grateful to God and she’s ready for the next phase that life has to offer

Seyi Shay, Broken Engagements and Her Unidentified Fiancés

No matter the number of heartbreaks one gets, you can always find love. You just have to never give up. We are happy for Seyi Shay and we really hope her pending engagement clicks this time


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