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The Best Ideas For First Dates



First dates fall in two categories. There are first dates with people you’ve never met yet, nor probably talked to on the phone because you met through an online dating platform or perhaps you slid into their dm on social media. In this case, you should take them on a coffee date, which might seem regular but is a good idea because you can cut things short if the person’s looks or personality don’t match what you expected from their profile, or, if things go well, you can extend the date, and ask him or her if they’d like to accompany you on a second activity; perhaps going to a concert or a movie.

There are first dates with someone you’ve already met in person and chatted with a bit. Maybe a classmate, or a girl you talk with in passing at church. It could even be a long-time friend, who’s previously been nothing more than that. You know them a little (or a lot), but you’ve never gone on an actual date with them. In this situation, in which you feel more confident in your chances with the person, and are eager to spend more time with them in a new context, you can pick a first date that offers more interaction. This is the category that has influenced this list.

A perfect date in this category includes 5 elements:

Affordable. Spending a lot signals a big commitment and high expectations, which can actually be off-putting to your date. Keeping things more affordable and casual not only sets the right vibe for her, but benefits you too; if the date doesn’t go as planned, you’re not out a big nut with nothing to show for it. Plus, it enables you to keep first dates more frequent, which, before you find your main squeeze, they should be.


The chance to converse freely. No movie dates — or concerts, plays, or comedy shows for that matter, no super loud restaurants or bars, and actually, no bowling either — it seems like a good idea, but either you’re up to bowl or she is, and it’s very difficult to get a cohesive conversation going. The whole point of the date is to get to know each other better, and you can’t do that if you’re not able to talk, or can talk, but can’t hear each other.

Ample face-to-face time. Men prefer socializing side-by-side, but women prefer to do it face-to-face; plus, ample eye contact plays a huge role in building attraction. So don’t do an activity that’s largely side-by-side in nature (ice skating, kayaking) or where you even end up one behind the other (hiking or biking on a narrow trail).

Novelty. Don’t just do something you do on a normal basis anyway (e.g., go to a bar). A novel activity sets the butterflies aflutter.

A backdrop that provides easy conversation fodder. There will be nary an awkward silence when there are plenty of things going on around you to comment on and talk about.

There are plenty of lists out there that will give you 30 or 50 “best” first dates — but these actually consist largely of ideas that would make for awesome second, third, or fourth dates. Using the criteria above for the very best first date, you can narrow things down significantly.


The date ideas below are those which will set up the best possible chances for having a good, enjoyable time.


You’ll never run out of interesting things to say as you tour through a museum’s exhibits, and the backdrop can elevate your conversation above the usual first date banalities. Plus, a nice art museum just feels very classy.

Mini Golf

Playing putt-putt has an overly wholesome feel to it that can actually work in your favor — it shows you don’t take things too seriously, which is an attractive trait. You’ll have plenty of laughs over the course of 18 holes, and afterwards you can move on and treat her to a couple of ice cream cones; just something light.


Trivia Night

Drinks and trivia are both good inhibition looseners, and you’ll likely be in for a night of laughs and fun. Plus, the element of competition adds a bit of emotional charge.

Pottery Painting

There are places that offer pre-made ceramic pieces that you simply select and paint. It’s surprisingly fun and soothing to do something creative together, and this is a good date if he or she is  more of a calm, introverted type.

“Paint and Sip” places are a related idea, and certainly a fine option, but it’s easier to sit face-to-face and converse at a pottery painting place.



Picnics have a lot going for them as far as building attraction. First, you demonstrate your skill and ingenuity in assembling the food you’ll bring as well as in the spot you choose to set up camp (showing you know an impressive location, especially one with a perfect view of the sunset, will score you big points — women like a man who’s got a good knowledge of his environment) don’t go anywhere too secluded though, as that won’t make a lady who doesn’t know you very well yet comfortable. Second, nature is an incomparable backdrop for a date, as it’s been shown to elicit all kinds of positive feelings.

Amusement Park

Nothing will quite get the butterflies fluttering like the laughs and thrills offered by an amusement park. There will be plenty of hand-holding moments to go around. Plus, a chance to show-off and win your girl a prize.



First dates are the best period to make a good first impression and it all start from what you pick. In doing this, you can show the person you’re taking on a date how much you care with the thought you put into the date. Enjoy your date, love and light, Wonder.

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