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Rapper Kid Cudi Is Engaged!



Rapper and actor Scott “Kid Cudi” Mescudi pleasantly surprised his fans with a heartwarming announcement on Instagram: he’s engaged to menswear designer Lola Abecassis Sartore.

Not only did he share the exciting news, but he also introduced Lola to the world as his beloved partner.

In the Instagram post, Mescudi shared a carousel of images featuring himself and Lola at the premiere of “Knuckles” earlier in the week.

The couple looked radiant, with Mescudi proudly noting that they were styled by Yves Saint Laurent for the occasion. One particular image captured the moment perfectly, showing Lola beaming with joy while her new fiancé gazed at her affectionately.


Mescudi’s caption was as understated and casual as the announcement itself, simply introducing Lola as his future life partner to his fans on Instagram.

The news of their engagement marks a significant milestone in their relationship and offers a glimpse into the happiness they share together.

As fans celebrate the engagement of Kid Cudi and Lola, they eagerly anticipate more updates and perhaps even glimpses of wedding preparations in the future.

For now, the couple’s social media debut as a couple and the announcement of their engagement serve as a joyful moment for all who admire their talent and love.

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