Love Language and their meaning

love language

love language 

Love language is one of the key factors in maintaining a relationship. We all use different sorts of love language to express how we feel and knowing these differences can help us get the most out of our relationships

If you are having doubts about your partner’s love for you, it is possible that you and your partner speak different love languages, which means you have different perspectives on love.

This article is based on the type of love languages and how they affect relationships

  1. Words of affirmation

Words of affirmation are all about showing love through words, gratitude and praise as the name implies. If this is your partner’s love language, it simply means they prefer passionate love letters, compliments and romantic expressions of love.

There are many romantic words you can tell your partner to make them feel loved and appreciated. Therefore, you can be creative when expressing how you feel about your partner.

  1. Quality time

When you give your undivided attention to your partner, it is the foundation of any healthy relationship or happy marriage. If you don’t   spend time with them, it can affect the connection you both have and you begin to feel like strangers when you eventually see them.

True love entails giving one another the most valuable gift of all: Time. To achieve quality time, you can plan unique date evenings, play games together or engage in enjoyable couple activities.

It’s about being there for one another and connecting in the most meaningful manner.

  1. Physical contact

Physical contact is not just about sexual intimacy, it is how a person who speaks this love language feels love. Different kinds of kisses, heartwarming embraces, holding hands and a lot of cuddling are all part of physical affection.

  1. Act of service

Act of service is all about doing things for the one you love to show you care about them and to see them happy. Those who speak this love language feel valued and treasured when someone does lovely things for them. This includes tasks such as dish washing, cooking, massaging and other acts of service. Act of service is primarily about doing small things that makes your partner feel loved.

  1. Sending and receiving gift

People who speak this love language are not materialistic. They are all about the thoughtful gifts and the time and work that went into them.

Giving gift is a gesture of affection and love. It doesn’t have to be lavish gift or gift that can break the bank.

You can get your partner something they use on a regular or something they mentioned to get but haven’t had the time to get it.



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