I Stopped Sleeping With My Husband For Three Years Before Getting A Divorce — Kaffy

Kaffy was celibate for three years before getting a divorce in 2022. Kaffy who is a Nigerian dancer was once married to Joseph Ameh who is an ex-music director and drummer for the Nigerian music duo, P-square. 

Who Is Kaffy?

Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau is a Nigerian dancer, choreographer, dance instructor and fitness coach. She has featured in a lot of Nigerian musician’s music videos as a video vixen

I Stopped Sleeping With My Husband For Three Years Before Getting A Divorce

Kaffy and Austin Ameh

Kaffy got married to Austin on the 2nd of June 2012. It was a big wedding at Bespoke Event Centre, Lekki. Kaffy and Austin have two kids together and there are not too many details about them apart from the few pictures Kaffy posted on her Instagram page.

I Stopped Sleeping With My Husband For Three Years Before Getting A Divorce

The children are named Sean Oluwatosin Joseph Ameh and Eliana Ameh.

I Stopped Sleeping With My Husband For Three Years Before Getting A Divorce

Kaffy’s marital life was private and was away from the public eye till she came back to the media to announce her divorce from Austin.

People had already started to guess that there was a fire on the mountain in 2021 but the parties involved never debunked or confirmed the news till January 2021.

Kaffy’s Reason For Getting A Divorce

Kaffy announced her divorce through her podcast, Just Kaffy. Fans went agog and some pleaded with her to go back. She replied to them saying that if they could not deal with it, then they should unfollow her. The dancer explained that when she was married, she was blind but now she can see and she has chosen her own path.

She said that separation is not the end of the world and if both partners are sincere about why they had to separate, they will even do better without each other. She added that her marriage failed for so many reasons and that she was grateful that it failed.

She said, “I have always wanted to see the best version of my ex and even taking the chance of breaking this marriage was also to see that we both grew into what we are really supposed to be. Separation isn’t the end of life for both parties involved, in fact, if both of you are honest about why you have to go apart, you will realise how much better life can be.

“Some people make it back, some don’t. What is ultimate is the outcome borne out of love.”

Kaffy Reveals That Her Husband Cheated On Her

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, Kaffy revealed that her husband cheated on her with her close friend. She also said that she was celibate for 3 years before getting a divorce meaning she stopped sleeping with her husband for three years. She added that she saw the red lights in her marriage but she was blinded by love.

She said; “I was thinking in the beginning that I had found someone else that would make me happy. That’s the most selfish thinking that any human being can have for another human being. Kaffy recalled that her parents were always fighting and they fought with sharp objects like forks and knives.

Joseph Ameh Breaks Silence On His Divorce With Kaffy

Joseph has finally responded to the allegations thrown at him that he slept with his ex-wife’s best friend. He responded on his Instagram page stating that he never slept with any of Kaffy’s close friends  and was not violent with her. He added that he made some silly mistakes in their marriage but he was still accused wrongly.

He wrote; “I’ll make this as brief as possible. I made a lot of silly mistakes in my life and in my marriage. I take full responsibility for all my foolishness with absolutely no excuses. However, I never slept with your best friend or close pals, nor have I ever been violent towards you, contrary to the narrative flying around about me.”

Kaffy has moved on from what we are seeing through her social media pages. She’s doing well and her two children are in her custody.


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