How to Really Enjoy Your Wedding Day Without Distraction

Your Wedding Day

Almost every weekend, there are couples getting married in their droves. Many weddings continue to hold every Saturday. This wedding day article may be more useful to Africans those who plan to get married in Africa.

In Nigeria, wedding is a big deal for everybody. The cloth, food, decoration, and glamour associated with weddings here is huge. Many couples get wedded but cannot recollect all that happened at their own wedding. They cannot remember because although it was their wedding, they made it about the guest. 

This article will show you how to make your own wedding about you and not your guest. 

Hire an event planner

If you can afford it, please hire someone who will plan and run your wedding event or occasion for you. In case you cannot afford one, find one of your friends or family and handover the ceremony to them. Many couples don’t enjoy their wedding day experience. While they are getting married, they are also carrying out the function of a wedding planner.

Be deliberate about your spouse

You don’t know how beautiful it will be if you are able to concentrate on your wife or husband to be. That day is for the two of you and not your guests and you must realise that. Take the time to look at their cloth, their hair, shoes, smile and as much as possible, let your hand keep touching him or her. 

Rehearse your dance and dance multiple times

Before the day, rehearse your multiple dance sessions and on the wedding day, be ready to dance with your spouse and not for your guest. 
Because it is your wedding, it is a show that you must enjoy and the activities there must be tied to your enjoyment. You must plan the order of event for you and not your guest. Your guests are only interested in the food actually. Your wedding day should be a day that lingers in your heart but it will not happen if you don’t make it happen. 

Write a vow and make a big deal out of it

As you write your vow, don’t let the thoughts of people drive you. Instead, let the thought of the woman or man you want to spend the rest of your life with inspire you.

Take your time and disregard everyone else

Beforehand, ensure that you are in sync with your master of ceremony. At the wedding, take your time and disregard any enquiry that distract you from enjoying your day. Direct every enquiry to your event planner while you focus on your day. 

At the event, take your time to feed each other, dance together, play together, gist together, compliment each other, speak romantically and positively to yourselves and kiss each other. 

Many years from now when you look back at your wedding day, you will be able to recall most of the things because you made it about each other and not your guests. 

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